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In a world where America has turned into one fist pumping, logic upsetting reality show, with the rest of the world and ISIS watching on, there is a pressing need for a happily ever after. A royal wedding was the one thing we all needed – and that is exactly what we are getting. We needed to escape from reality and moon around about the details of the bride to be, her wedding gown, her choice of bridesmaids, her ring, her everything. That will save us. A royal wedding will save us as the news and social media platforms blur out the reality of everything that is wrong with the world today to beam us scenes from the Buckingham Palace and its hundreds of rooms which are costing the tax payer a bomb to maintain.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have finally made it official after 16 months of dating. It helped of course, that the father of the groom, Prince Charles made it official the digital way first. The two stepped out into the sunken garden in Kensington Palace, in what has been seen as a fitting tribute to Princess Diana. The to be princess (or Duchess) very shyly showed her middle finger (not that one), when asked to show her ring. Designed by her loving fiancee, the ring boasts of two (hugeeee) diamonds on either side of a square cushioned one, that reportedly came from Princess Diana’s collection. The couple posed briefly, arms around each other, and the world let out a collective, awww! PDA was not so short in supply and at one point I even thought they would kiss (oh, the horror – right?) This was a far cry from the rather formal and shy announcement press meet held by Prince William and Kate Middleton over a decade ago, as they invited the press into the palace and stood by a lofty fireplace, Kate playing with her hair to anchor the need to touch her Prince and make sure that her dreams had actually turned into reality. Still, it was a royal wedding we all loved, and we couldn’t get enough of it.

So here are the reasons why the world needs a royal wedding:

  • To stop obsessing over Padmavati. Seriously, enough of those effigy burning antics and all that Rajput honour which has been dishonoured, all because a fictional character from a poet’s imagination has been shown in what they term as “bad light.” Call the cinematographer for heaven’s sake, and stop the drama once and for all.
  • To add to the magic of Kate Middleton. The Kate Middleton fixation is a real thing in Britain and a fun thing for the rest of the world – even for those who hate her. Her style and her sense of poise is so everyday that you almost want to have a daughter who will be just like her, blow dried locks et al! So imagine multiplying that effect.
  • Because, hello – wedding season is here to stay until June!
  • To bring romance back. This ‘cute as a high musical’ pair even appeared in their interview where he said, “Keep that ring on that finger.” Aww! Because romance trumps all. Even Trump. Even the Brexit. Everything. There is nothing that romance cannot overshadow. Prince Harry must have decided to give the entire world a break and just get engaged to the first American born divorcee he found – because what else do you do when you have already earned the tag of maverick prince? Imagine the global shock if he had married a princess or a normal commoner like Kate? So unlike Harry, and such a disappointment that would have been. Now people can safely start betting on a divorce, which will obviously happen only in the tabloids.
  • For the cause of fashion. There is going to be some serious obsessing over the wedding gown and conspiracy theory style articles on how they are going to keep it all a secret until she disembarks from her carriage to walk into the chosen Abbey for the wedding. And then, there is going to be some serious criticism of her “safe” choices and how she has started to maintain double standards now that she is a princess, and faraway from her Suits days. Until everyone finally shuts up and gives her credit for adopting a less glaring spotlight attracting style, and a more self assured sense of style that becomes a true royal who is comfortable in her skin and takes pride in her new roots. Of course, British and Canadian designers will also get a much needed boost for business – but more on that later!
  • To root for something. We all need something to root for – something or someone who may symbolise hope and make us forget the everyday. Meghan Markle is that happily ever after for the media. As of now. Until we demolish her for her every move, and then rally for her again. Until we find something else to root for.

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  1. Very well written Devangini. But you know I feel the royal weddings and glamorous ones in our country is an opportunity to display ostentatious wealth to an overrated level. Your writing always hooks and engages.

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