The New York fashion scene is actually a state of mind. There are very few things that define New York City the way fashion does. Fashion and NYC are synonymous terms that have created an entire new niche when it comes to a range of styles from power dressing to street fashion. You can find ‘New York Pieces’ wherever you may choose to shop. So what is NYC fashion really all about? I found out on a recent trip, and then I shopped until I got the look right!

So, New York really is all about being comfortable even as you have fun, explore and try out new experiences. This island has a varied fashion scene. I started in Manhattan where sharp dressing met a slightly relaxed edge. You can easily spot blazers worn over quirky skirts, and pink heels matching step with a neat beige pant suit – in casual linen. Stepping out for a walk or for a meal (which is where people eat here – outside), will ensure that you spot plenty of cargo style trousers revamped for a more structured and slimline look with cool elastic at the bottom where it tapers, or culottes, and plenty of dresses in chiffon, georgette and what have you.

Here, style is about comfort above all else, but a little less rural, country, suburb inspired, and a little more edgy. You will almost always, without an exception, see heels. Wedges, not so much; loafers with heels and quirky colors; and towering pencil heels – yes, please, apparently! Colors will go from monochromes to neutrals with exceptions only made for shoes and jewelry. Accessories are usually picked up to show off a one of a kind take and the monochrome uniform of the city – downtown, uptown and everything in between – will usually be broken with colorful, often handcrafted pieces.

Going further midtown will ensure that you see plenty of tank tops and tight leggings, much color and screaming statements on the tee shirts and even shoes. You may have to wear glares here, but not because of any jarring hues, rather, to fit in.

So, I shopped the NYC look and here’s what I put together for that New York state of mind!

  • Going Denim: Ditch the boyfriend jeans and wear straight cut denims or folded ones in a skinny fit. Layer denim on denim with a classic blue denim shirt like this one from the Cavalini Denim Collection, and get ready for a day walking around town. I usually buy my jeans from Vero Modo, because of the fit!

  • Olive Green Bomber Jacket: I do not need to tell all you fashionistas out there that the bomber jacket is here to stay. But the olive green bomber jacket with the black cuffs and collar, and the shining golden zip is a staple that you all must hunt for. Don’t forget to carry one everywhere you go, because one thing I learnt in NYC was this – it can rain anytime!

  • The High Neck Tee: Did I already mention that NYC street style is all about casual and sharp pieces? Well, this snug fit tee with the formal stripes and closed round neck from Workshop is one that can be worn under a blazer and as a stand alone piece. I envisioned myself in a creative job (like the one I already have!), and hence paired it with this elegant yet edgy patterned tapered trouser from premise Studio. The three fourth fit makes it stop short of a full blown formal statement and keeps things light. Also, I selected this piece rather than a houndstooth because of its almost abstract weave.

  • Velvet Trousers: This ink blue velvet pair from Halo made me swoon from the word go. This one pairs well with all kinds of shirts and tees even as it makes for that perfectly understated glamorous touch. I paired it with a white top which has an animal print on the back!

  • Shrug: This long, hooded net black shrug by SJS (Made in USA), says NYC like nothing else in my closet. The piece can easily be worn over shorts and converse shoes, or folded jeans and a white tee!

  • The Cargo: As if one olive green piece was not enough, I went right ahead and shopped for this olive green cargo style pant in linen from Breeze Ever. This one can be seen aplenty in this global fashion capital, and I paired it with a subtle muted brick shirt with gold detailing from Lily White. Neutral, check. Edgy, check.

  • Navy Blue: I bought this long sleeved navy blue shirt from Dockers for formal and casual wear. I plan to pair this with white jeans for a nautical look, or with khakis for a more classic look. To break the monotony, I have added this soothing pashmina scarf – because, NYC is all about scarves!

  • Bag: I carried this bag, hand crafted by an up and coming artist and designer – Dolly. Her brand Fuchsiaa makes these kitschy pieces for girls who don’t quite want to grow up! The chevron has a gold surprise while the rest of this cross body beauty is hand painted with flowers and a hand textured, shaded body in contrast colors.

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