22 Years ago, on this very day, FRIENDS beamed across television screens and literally changed the way we spent our evenings! The one liners and “on a break” scenarios have come to define many urban conditions now – we even define life events with analogies drawn from FRIENDS. Even after all these years, when I watch rerun after rerun of the show, one thing sticks: the sheer entertaining and heart tugging value of each and every episode. Let’s celebrate the spirit of FRIENDS with a few really cool facts!


– Insomnia Cafe: Yup, that’s what the show was originally called before the title “Friends in the Park” was considered. Finally, the makers settled on the sweet and simple “Friends”.

– Joey and Monica: Imagine no Ross and Rachel – bland, right? Well, the makers of the show had decided to concentrate on Joey and Monica when they started. But fate had other plans!

– Lisa Kudrow hated the Guitar: That’s right! Lisa Kudrow, aka Phoebe, hated the guitar! So she decided that Phoebe would only know a few cords – which worked well for Smelly Cats!

– On Rachel and Joey: The cast members discussed the fling as “wildly inappropriate” which is why that angle never took off!

– Four Friends: The cast originally included four friends rather than six. Phoebe and Chandler were only supposed to be supporting characters, which would have basically taken the quirkiness and one liners right out of the show!

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