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Winter is here and so is the holiday season, and we could not help but come up with the Winter Travel special for all of you! If you are like me (and millions of people around the globe), the oncoming December blues must be getting the better of you already. While staying home and doing that whole holiday thing (believe me, it is a thing – a big thing), is a great option, so is going out and exploring some sunshine laden places with dollops of fun! Winter travel is a form of rejuvenating yourself and resolving to start the new year on a new high, rather than hibernating indoors.

But then, here is the catch. Winter travel can also, more often than not, take you to places that would be crowded with people milling for their patch of sand where they can bask in the glorious sun and go home with well earned tan lines. This is where off beat travel whizzes in as a solution! But here is my disclaimer: you may want to look beyond sun, sand and surf for that perfect Winter travel break. Ready? Here we go!

Explore Ancient 8th Century Goodness in Greece. Take a walk through Corfu Town with its 8th century origins. Find yourself surrounded by architecture which speaks of the various influences that this region has enjoyed – French, Venetian, British, Greek and so much more. Licked by the Adriatic Sea, this Byzantine establishment has a forever kind of charm like none other. Later, you can take a boat ride to explore the caves nearby, riding under the stone formations for a mystical one on one with nature!

Ancient Town for Winter Travel
Picture Courtesy: We are Holidays

Take to the stunning beaches of Koh Rong in Cambodia. Take a detour from the done to death Phuket and Bali, and turn towards the beautiful Cambodian islands of Kah Rong. Not only will you find some great diving locations for some great winter travel adventure, but you will also get a taste of truly being one with nature and away from the proverbial maddening crowd. I can see myself taking a large bite from this untouched tourist spot to whet my winter travel appetite. With coral reef and a jungle backdrop, I am sure these powdery beaches and turquoise waters will leave a lasting impression of serenity and the raw exotic like none other.

Untouched Beaches for Winter Travel
Picture Courtesy: Goats on the Road

Yerevan in Armenia has been on my bucket list for a long time, and what better time than winter to make a trip to watch it doused in the splendour of mystic white and twinkling lights? My guess is that Winter and Christmas in any of these distant European and Eurasian countries would be a treat for the senses with their subtle beauty and quiet festive spirit. Blanketed with snow, this spot would be the perfect winter travel destination for those who want to imagine the climes that Santa climbs down from! Plus, the beautiful architecture and saturated palette would make for some breath taking views from behind a veil of softly falling snow!

Stunning Snow and Architecture in Armenia Winter Travel Destination
Picture Courtesy: Heart My Backpack

What is better than the South if you want to head away from the snow? Winter travel and Australia have been steady partners for those who want to travel to a place where beaches, night life, adventure and so much more come to play! Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of flamboyant Australia seems like the perfect spot for winter travel. This is where one can find a unique aboriginal experience and exotic coastal communities. Just remember to get the necessary permits to gain access and entry to this area!

Tribals Galore at this Winter Travel Locale
Picture Courtesy: Australian Traveller

Virgin rainforests and the possibility of running into rare species – if that gets your adrenaline pumping, then do we have the perfect winter travel destination for you! The Kaieteur Falls National Park in Guayana boasts of 70% untouched rainforests and the world’s largest single drop waterfall as well. So what does this mean? Simply put, it means that the natural formations have no steps for the progression of the water droplets. The water drops from a single point and touches the ground without being broken by steps. Amazing? Visit!

Largest Single Drop Waterfall Winter Travel
Picture Courtesy: Viral Travel

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