The world and Facebook may be collectively going gaga over Valentine’s Day, but there are many amongst us who may be dealing with their own set of issues. Their hearts may be strumming the tune of loneliness, or they may be having relationship troubles. And there are many others who suffer from epidemics like self doubt, an utter lack of self love and general insecurity. So instead of merely focusing on the mushy side of Valentine’s Day, here is what we can all do to celebrate this day to rewrite our own happy endings!


– Celebrate Yourself. That’s right – you! This may be an often repeated phrase, but nothing reaffirms the importance of this act like the day of love! Celebrate who you are, the way you are, the things you stand for, the things you cannot tolerate – all of it. Give yourself the gift of you.



– More. Ask for more, reach out for more. You are not just your relationships, your career or your children. You are a sum total of all the things that make you soar with happiness – all the things that make your heart swell with pride!


– Know that age is just a number. Many of us begin to feel our energy and self love waning as we grow older. A number added each year makes us feel as if we have an excuse to slip into oblivion – a state where we completely forget to make ourselves the centre of our own universe. We often place spouses, families, children and society at this precious centre. So love the process of growing up and love your own evolution!


– Deal with those emotions. Every relationship goes through its own journey of ups and downs. But the trick is to prevent yourself from getting consumed by your emotions, and tackling them instead. There is no point in becoming someone you never meant to be – handle anger, denial and ego to become the person, the couple you were always meant to be! One quick tip: when it doubt, isolate the person from the act or the words.


– Keep learning. Whether it you or your relationship, the key is to be open to new things and unlearn the things or thoughts that are holding you back. Remember to invest in new learnings so that you keep improving – much like fine wine!


– Watch your words and actions. There is nothing wrong in a little censorship, in a little tolerance. Sometimes, keeping mum and listening rather than reacting and giving it “right back” can actually help you understand and evolve within a relationship, and on your own as well!



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