The morning rush hour was upon me as my daughter and I zipped through the morning chores, oblivious to the smaller and more important details – the rising Sun, the splash of water as she enjoyed her shower, her cheery ‘good morning’. As I walked to the main gate, for her to catch the school bus, I had a sense of satisfaction at making it five minutes before time, along with a sudden surge of guilt. Yes, guilt.


Staring at me squarely in the form of the canopy of flowers shading the red sign was this message: Speed Limit 20 Km Per Hour. I slowed down instinctively and so did my rush to get somewhere – anywhere. Was I stopping to smell the roses? Apparently, not.

So here are my goals to live more actively rather than letting bus timings and work deadlines dictate my life.


– Wake up an hour earlier: Exercising about 20 minutes right after you wake up keeps you energetic for at least 12 hours. So, energy it is!

– Take a walk to the Bus Stop instead of driving there: No more accepting the invite for a lift from my neighbor. Now, we – mother and daughter – walk down to the gate with healthy banter. We sit amidst the greenery and enjoy some quality time before she’s off to school!

– Actively pursue goals: I finally launched my blog instead of making excuses of not having enough time. So there it is – an hour every single day, reading and writing what I really want to! And guess what – my creativity and productivity in other quarters, has greatly improved.


– Cultivate real relationships: It has been scientifically proven that people who have a circle of friends outside of work, live longer. So I figured, if nothing else, let me prolong my lifespan. So now, me and my other work from home friend ensure that we sit down and work together at least once a week! But do not make that a chore – go with the flow and let the bond grow.

I guess that’s what they call: saying it with flowers! Do you have any goals you can add to this list – will be thrilled to hear from you!

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