So let’s cut to the chase: Women’s Day is all about celebrating women and giving them a not so subtle reminder that all is still not too well in the land of gender equality, right? Because we do not need a men’s day. Which brings us to the next point: what are the rest of the 364 days in the year? Non women’s day? You were born to cook day? You were born to get married and have babies day? You were born to choose between home and a career day? You were born to be ridden with eternal guilt day? You were born to live in fear of being judged day? Or even worse – rape day, character assassination day, just anything – but not your day, lady! Well, it’s time to make each day Sassy Nation Day – but first let’s take gender equality a little more seriously, shall we?

Gender inequality has sprung from traditional roles accorded to men and women. And needless to say, in our modern times where urban lifestyles ensure that we need to be in multiple places at the same time, taking care of many different things and tallying up the balance sheets of our life in a single day, traditional gender roles cease to exist. But the gender mentality does not let up. We are still wrapped in the male female debate because we have not yet embraced the things that “guys do” or the things that “we do not want to do anymore, just because we are women.” Let us take a look at this gender neutral list and arm ourselves with things that every girl should know by the time she is in her 20s.

  • Drive (which also includes getting the car serviced)
  • Change a Tire
  • Change a Light Bulb
  • Read maps
  • Carry your own bags
  • Cook a meal (yes, why not! If we expect men to know, we should too)
  • Pay bills and mortgage
  • Ask for a raise
  • Stand in line for tickets
  • Take care of a child or pet single handedly (we would expect men to do it when we have that all important meeting, right?)
  • Find a home on rent or one to buy
  • Take care of finances
  • Know about retirement plans (and invest in at least one)
  • Do your taxes
  • Travel solo
  • Know all your emergency numbers by heart
  • Fix toilets, sinks and plumbing
  • Take care of your gadgets and laptop
  • Be your own handyman or at least learn how to find one in the yellow pages
  • Take care of yourself when you are out with your pals
  • Stand up for men when they are facing abuse and judgment
  • Learn how to use pepper spray
  • Order your own drink and make your own reservations
  • Not expect doors to be held open
  • Appreciate and support other women – develop your own bro code
  • Understand, report and prevent abuse (even if that abuse comes from constantly nagging the man in your life)
  • Be less opinionated – and free your guilt in the bargain
  • Engage that Rage
  • Woman Up
  • Be yourself and follow your heart
  • Stop saying, “it’s a man’s world”
  • Don’t be afraid of being a woman

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