I started off as an ardent fan of her columns and got hooked on to her book, Mrs Funny Bones. With her new book titled The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, author, designer and former Bollywood starlet promises a punch as she remains steadfast in her dedication to tickle our funny bones and stop to smell the roses. Here is why I am sure I want to read her next book.

– Humour: Well, hello – you have to be living under a rock to not know this about the lady, Twinkle is best known for her deadpan repartee which she gently nudges into the everyday as she describes people, scenes and phenomenon. It could be her son, her actor husband or the mother in law – nobody is spared!

– Karan Johar – 0; Twinkle – 100: If you watched her very well timed appearance on the latest season of Koffee with Karan, you would know that Twinkle all but stole the show. She quickly cemented her status as the Queen of the gab and pretty much shut Karan and his sarcasm up!

– Real: What I particularly like about Twinkle’s style of writing is that she does not need to burn her bra with feminist rantings, or take into the dredges of sentimentality with her valuable insights. She presents both things in a real and tangible manner which makes for joyful, unhindered entertainment.

– Relaxed: That is what keeps coming up in her books and columns – a relaxed view of life. Even if she is busy tackling difficult or iffy issues, she ensures that she urges her readers to relax, take a chill pill or do whatever it is that will help them tone down those irate status updates.

So as I make my way towards the nearest bookstore to grab a copy of her latest book, I am reminded that I need to wait for some crisp new notes to come my way after the glorious demonitisation move. As I sit and wait, I pick up Mrs Funny Bones again, turn to a random page and let myself laugh a little. This one is definitely every girl turned mommy’s go to book!






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