winter blues

Why does Winter feel so gloomy? December is almost upon us and so are those Winter blues. At least for most of us. While there are some who start to positively glow when it begins to snow outside, there are many who would prefer to stay in bed to avoid the dull and dreary grey days that comes with Winter. The weak Winter sun also ensures that most afternoons are spent in a confusion of emotions where we are sure of only one thing – Summer needs to get here soon. And so many of us begin to dip into the cookie jar to avoid those winter blues. Hence – holiday pounds!

So here are a few ways in which you can actually beat those Winter blues.

Layer Up: You can easily beat those winter blues by taking care of the main side effect of winter – the freezing temperature. Warm up with layers – and you can actually be fashionable about it too. Be smart about the layers and add pieces that you can easily remove and add while stepping in and out. The top layer should be the warmest and most well structured one. Take a few colours in terms of accessories and ensure that you shine bright on winter evenings and cold bitter mornings.

Get Social: Just because you are feeling cold and want to stay indoors, does not mean that you need to hibernate. Get in the social mood and have people over. Open a bottle of mulled wine, get some board games out and enlist help to set up your Christmas tree if you make a ritual out of it. That will give you plenty to smile about. Catching up with friends and finding out what’s new can actually help you snap out of your blues before you can say “Christmas is here!”

Celebrate December: Do not forget to celebrate what is around you, rather than getting bogged down by it. The December mood board will help you out as you bring in plenty of woven pieces, pine cones, candles, and more for a cheery December vibe with a subtle and homely elegance like none other. When you surround yourself with signs of December in an aesthetic way, you will actually feel better about it.

Cook Up a Storm: Staying indoors can be fun. Get your chef’s cap and cook up a storm with slow cooking single dish dinners. Order the freshest ingredients for your stews and lasagnas, or simply bake cookies and cakes that will keep your taste buds tingling throughout the cold season.

Give your Home a Makeover: Start by organising your home in your spare time, while you spend some precious time indoors. Beat those winter blues by removing the mess and chaos for a whole new emotional lease of life. You will instantly feel lighter. Do remember to try out a new theme that keeps the warm quotient going. My favourite would be the coastal theme with exotic seaside touches from around the world!

Light Therapy: You can keep some pretty lamps on. Remember to place lamps that throw light at various heights and light some candles as well. This gives the illusion of a bright day and helps in triggering the happy hormones too. Perfect for beating those winter blues! This is an ideal solution for those who tend to suffer from anxiety as soon as the weather turns dull and damp, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Remember to get a professional verdict from a doctor before indulging in any drug related intervention, though.


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