What makes a good blog? That’s the million dollar question hounding bloggers across the globe. Going digital has gone to the next level thanks to blogosphere. A blog is basically a multi utility diary that makes your presence felt, and gives you the space to let the world know what you are thinking (and why) in about 300 words per post (or even more!) So let’s find out what makes a blog, really good:

– Out of the Box Thinking: Whatever your niche, or topic, make sure your appraoch is fresh and unique. The best way to do that? Be yourself – you are unique too, remember? Anything new and novel does not necessarily have to come from a Google Search. It can be a simple solution that you create on your own – one that will earn you readership and engagement in your niche!

– Language: The best way to blog is to stick to a tone that creates a space for you as an author. Every blog writer must have his or her own voice, instead of adhering to or mimicking cookie cutter trends and phrases that seem to sell magazines!

– Tags and Keywords: The use of keywords and tags helps put your blog on the map. So do your homework and award your blog with the best words that can describe a post.

– Interactive: A blog is meant to start a conversation or a dialogue. Always remember that when you are writing and even after you have posted, Take precious time out to interact with people who leave you comments – it will keep them coming!

– Social Media and Blogs: Publicise your blog. Use a few minutes everyday to share your posts across social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are famous for helping bloggers make their presence felt!

Blogging can be a rich, satisfying career that teaches you something new every single day. And if you are lucky, you can even monetise and make a good buck while building a sturdy blog with a loyal following. So tap away on your keyword and show the world your ideas!

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    1. Thanks for the appreciation, Vishal. I guess the point is to create a pitch, research and fine tune your pitch for a unique twist…that makes it something a prospect cannot say no to!

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