Content Marketing

In a world that has gone digital in almost all ways possible, content is the driving force for businesses. Those days of having only a physical store and expecting to earn huge profits are over! Today, there are many businesses which have only an online presence and are still reaching out to clients all over the globe. And this magic is possible only if you have amazing content on your website, blog, newsletters, eBooks and emails. Before you join the bandwagon, here are some vital reasons why you should embrace content marketing to boost your business:

  • Spreading brand awareness – Getting the word out about your brand, products or services is very crucial, especially if yours is a new business. And original, useful and engaging content on your website can get you the attention from your target audience like nothing else. You can talk about how you began, why you do what you do and how your products can make a difference to the lives of your audience. Yet, content marketing also needs to be practiced to ensure that there is proper reach and some promise of conversion.
  • Becoming an industry expert – Blogs are a great way to get established as an industry expert in the products or services you sell. Informative and interesting content in blogs can help you win the confidence and trust of potential customers as well. This is a great way to indulge in some efficient content marketing.
  • Building a loyalist base – Getting your target audience to buy your products just once is surely not enough! You do want them to come back to you, right? And great content that tackles various issues and highlights useful products can be handy when it comes to converting one-time buyers into loyalists. This can be done by using influencers or bloggers who will speak about your product or service, and its use. This is one of the best tools of content marketing.
  • Ranking high on search engines – Unless you rank high on the result pages of search engines like Google, your business won’t attract its target audience efficiently. And for this you need SEO-optimized content on your website. This means, you need to use the right keywords the right number of times to make an impact with your content. These keywords are essentially phrases or words with which customers search for products that you sell. But remember not to stuff your content with keywords as this will be penalized by search engines. This is also called gray hat SEO which gets penalised in the long run.
  • Making the most of social media – Fresh, informative and engaging content on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can get your business more attention than you thought was possible. It can help you connect with your target audience at a personal level, answer queries, receive feedback and improve your offerings. This multiplies reach and drives engagement.
  • Increasing backlinks – The better the content on your website or blog, the more other websites will provide backlinks to your site. This means that people who visit those sites will increasingly click on the link to your website and land on your products. This will boost the traffic on your website and enhance your revenues. This is also a great way to ensure good content marketing!

So you see how content marketing is a powerful weapon for a business in the digital world, if you can use it properly. Hire a content agency today and reach never-before heights of success.

This article has been penned by Krishnaleena Sarkar. With a background in Economics and past experience in both primary and secondary Market Research, she found her true calling in Content Development, Management and Marketing. She is currently working with a well known media agency. Analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, deep passion for reading, writing and the thirst for perfection are qualities that drive her to do her best every single time!

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