How to sell books online and make money

Wondering how to sell books online and make money? Writing a book on self-help, technology, fiction or even cuisines sounds pretty exciting, right? But it is only worth your effort when the whole world gets to know about it! Moreover, eBooks are the way to go for many online businesses that aspire to become an industry expert in their field by sharing their knowledge through digital books. Further, if you are looking to earn a passive income online, it would be worth your while to understand how to sell books online and make money. Remember though that no matter how good your book is, how refreshing or how informative your prose – your dream will fall flat on its face if you don’t know how to sell books online and make money.  So read on to know more:

  • The cover says it all (or mostly) – When your book is online but no one is clicking or downloading it or sharing it or even seeing it, you are doing something wrong. So in such a scenario, how can you sell books online and make money? This often has to do with the cover you are using. An attractive cover not only indicates what hides in the inner pages of the book, but also tells readers that the book is of high quality. For instance, you wouldn’t order something in a restaurant unless it looks great right?
  • Make proper use of metadata – Look beyond keywords! Metadata refers to the information that can help your book stand out from the rest. It takes your digital book marketing plan a step ahead. Hence, when you are uploading your book on a publishing platform, think creatively before you mention details like the book’s description, title, genre and author. Online tools are also available these days to help you see if your title is unique.
  • Video mockups are crucial – While thinking of how to sell books online and make money, don’t overlook the importance of the visual appeal of videos. Since social media platforms are where you can make the most noise nowadays, use 3D video mockups to promote your books in a refreshing and eye-catching manner. The best thing is you will not need any video editing skills and it will hardly take any time. You can post these videos on Facebook or Instagram to pull the crowd, or add GIFs on emails and place them on your website. A book trailer is also a good way to market your books in case you are wondering how to sell books online and make money.
  • Connect with book reviewers – Now, you surely want to write a book that your target audience will enjoy and review positively, right? After all, that is the crux of digital book marketing, if you want your book to sell like hot cakes. This is also a key element when you are looking at how to sell books online and make money. In that case, it is wise to choose a book reviewer who has experience in your genre and will help you improve and promote your book effectively. So, make sure that the pitch mail to the reviewer is precise and tells him or her exactly how their review will make a difference to you.  You can then use positive reviews as testimonials, social media posts or even tweets.
  • Consider influencer marketingInfluencers on social media are those individuals who can influence those who follow them or their fans. And if they post or tweet something about your book or tell the world that they are reading it or buying it, it will be positive digital book marketing for you and your sales will most likely rise. Consider both earned influencer marketing and paid influencer marketing, and pick the one that suits your need or urgency if you are are wondering how to sell books online and make money. You can always request the influencer to use interesting visuals and use the right hashtags to help make the post viral. Make sure that you decide beforehand how many times you want the influencer to write, tweet or post about your book.
  • Lend that personal touch – Most modern readers like authentic writers who open up to them, if you are wondering how to sell books online and make money. Hence, sharing your passions, purpose, interests and values will help you connect with readers more. You can go for real life interactions, blog posts or social media posts to do this. Consider sending a personal note to people who like and share your posts on social media, as well as those who leave you comments.      
  • Don’t forget media coverage – Now, it is common knowledge that unless you are a somewhat well-known writer, mainstream press like major magazines or newspapers won’t give you the media attention you need. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go for the small press like niche blogs, local newspapers, and podcast interviews to spread the word on your book, in case you are wondering how to sell books online and make money. Also, try to participate in local book fairs or cultural events to promote your creation.
  • Network with other writers – A big part of digital book marketing is that it requires you to socialize with other writers, and join self-publishers’ groups. For instance, you can attend webinars, seminars, literary meets or writer workshops on the internet to exchange ideas, improve your writing and meeting people who will be considerate enough to read your book or review it. Facebook also has quite a number of such groups where you can engage with both writers and readers, and receive useful advice on how to sell your books online and make money. Promotion is encouraged in such groups and you can search for groups that focus on specific genres too, like horror, romantic and so on. The group members can give you valuable advice on how to sell books online and make money!
  • Utilize Amazon and Goodreads – As you might already know, Amazon is the best place to sell self-published books, build a network and connect with readers. It has a step-by-step guide and a marketing plan to make your venture a success. You will also be able to access your personal dashboard that shows you how your book is doing. Also, Goodreads, as a leading website for book recommendations, has an Author Program to help you reach your audience. Not only can you promote your book here – you can also gain followers, create your blog, refer favorite books to fans and build a bond.

So, stop worrying about how to sell books online and make money, and instead get started with the tips mentioned above. Remember that book ad images, targeting readers through Facebook advertising campaigns, and having a website are among the other ways you can make your book a resounding success in the digital world.

This article has been penned by Krishnaleena Sarkar. With a background in Economics and past experience in both primary and secondary Market Research, she found her true calling in Content Development, Management and Marketing. She is currently working with a well known media agency. Analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, deep passion for reading, writing and the thirst for perfection are qualities that drive her to do her best every single time!

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