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Productivity. The big word driving millennials and often stopping them too. Being productive is a matter of applying your skills in a motivated direction, instead of getting distracted, lazy, or both. Ever got that feeling when you would rather browse for old hindi songs on your phone and ignore your deadlines as they whiz past you? That is productivity leaving the table.

Productivity is a struggle for many people. It takes a great deal of motivation to get dressed, show up and do what you do best – even for the best of us. Even the most successful people will admit that they have been plagued by days of no output. And it can get scary. Especially when you have bills knocking your door, and when you have work beckoning you. There are a hundred reasons that you might give yourself for not being able to write, paint, crunch numbers, develop a world changing software and more.

For some people, lack of time kills productivity. For others, not doing what they love sends productivity packing. Lack of good health, proper living conditions, appropriate nutrition, so and so forth can also get added to the list. Yet, the list can go on and on. But there is one simple reason that stops productivity. One reason that we all need to take stock of. Ready to find out? Here goes.

Productivity stops when you don’t know where to start. Simple fact. Simple law of nature. When you have too many goals, you sometimes get pulled in too many directions. And you may not know where to start. Not being able to clearly define your goal can also lead to action that gets spent and disintegrated in various directions. This is because you end up trying out too many paths towards what you feel is your destination of success. This can hinder productivity to a great degree.

So how can you get started without feeling so overwhelmed that you shut your laptop and bury your head in bed for the whole day?

  • Have a clearly defined goal with plan A, B and maybe C. Define the destination to begin with. Define the exact time frame within which you want to get to your destination. And also define the time frame within which you will decide whether it is time to put plan B into action. An action ready plan buoys productivity and literally gives you a head start.
  • Know that it is going to be chaotic in the beginning. There is a difference between being aware of this and accepting it. You may not know where to start because you may be scared of getting into the chaos and not being able to get out of it. Keep your actionable plan by your side at all times and keeping feeling your way in the deep darkness – you will find your way eventually and achieve productivity in the bargain.
  • Be open and persevere. One of the most important things to get started towards a more productive day is to be open. Things may not go exactly as per your plan. This is where your flexibility and skills will come into play. These are not challenges or difficulties – they are opportunities to find a solution that only you can offer at the workplace or to your client. A definite plus for you or your business. Look at it that way and get started.
  • Learn to let go. At the same time, it is also important to learn how and where to let go at the right time in order to be productive. Know when to recognise something as unhelpful for your larger goal and let it go. This will give your plan a whole new lease of life as you shift gears, reverse and drive down a new route. It will also help you avoid roadblocks and losses.

So are you ready to get started?

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