Reverse branding seems to be in vogue nowadays. Pierce Brosnan for Pan Bahar is the latest news in the world of branding.

Imagine a suave car coming to a smooth halt, smoking rushing on its rear and sending the audience into a dizzy spell, ready to watch some adrenalin pumping action. The door opens and an even more suave Bond emanates, ready to slay every challenge with his sheer good looks or his choice of high tech gadgetry. But first, he must stop, make a V with his fingers on his mouth and let loose a stream of saffron coloured residue. Charming, much?

While this branding tactic has received a lot of attention (no word on the quality of the same), we cannot help but think that the mission has been accomplished: one a fading superstar, the other a fading pass time. I am not sure if the pass time will come back in fashion, but the superstar has pretty much killed his chances of getting intelligent fans!

For a more entertaining take on the matter, follow this post by blogger Vishal Bheeroo – like he says, Pan another day!


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