What is purpose

What is purpose? Purpose can be defined as a mindful choice – in knowing what you want and why you need it. Yet, there is so much more to it. When we choose life, we choose many things. We choose a career, a parenting style, a home, a zip code, groceries on a day to day basis, a partner, friends – so on and so forth. Yet, when we make those choices, we often forget the purpose. Many times, we live on borrowed purpose, and other times we completely abandon it to fulfill a temporary need of the hour that we confuse with purpose.

What is Purpose?

When we look for purpose, we often forget to ask: what is purpose? Let me give you an example. When you bring home groceries, your purpose is to cook a meal. You wouldn’t make the mistake of expecting a meal on the table as the purpose, right? That is the difference between wanting something and knowing why you want it. That is also the secret behind manifesting what you want. When you are sure of why you want it, you establish the correct vibes that will give you the energy to recognize opportunities to bring it home.

What Purpose Isn’t

Purpose is not a borrowed theme that can fit your life. In such a case, you will only find yourself standing in a graveyard of unfinished plans and opportunities that belonged anywhere but with you. Don’t believe us? Look at the color of the walls in your home. Did you choose it or did someone choose it for you? Then look at your decor – if you chose the color, you will find your story in every piece in this room. If not, you will find that you are making do until you can do better. So, purpose is also something that should not have to wait.

Why Do You Need to Find Purpose?

If you are to stop and look at your life, how much of it came from actual purposeful choice making, and how much of it came from getting swept up? That is the question to ask. From Ikigai to minimalism and even simplifying lifestyles, human beings have been in an eternal quest to find their purpose. It is the hidden alchemy that can keep you feeling young, and fit – mentally, physically and emotionally.

How to Find Purpose

Pause, Don’t Stop

When there is too much going on, and when you feel distracted from what you really want to do, remember to pause. But don’t stop what you core activity is. Learn how to schedule things surrounding this activity for later.

Ask Before You Make A Choice

Question everything that looks like a potential choice. Do you have the space? Do you really need it? Will it cause an extra slew of activities for maintenance? Will you be able to manage without it? This can be a career choice, a pair of earrings or even a piece of furniture.

Put the Phone Away

You cannot find purpose of another person’s Instagram feed or Tweet. Simple facts. So put the phone away because it a trap that keep you going from one choice to another without a mindful set of questions. And this pandemic has affected dating and relationships as well!

Create Space

If you are constantly inundated by offers, coupons, new products and what the Jonses have, then you do not have the space for purpose. So before you ask yourself, what is my purpose – look around you and check if you actually have the time, space and energy to reach out for what you really want.

Have Passion

Which brings us to an all important secret sauce for finding purpose – bring in passion. This is a crucial question to ask before you say yes or even no. What drives you and what keeps you raring to go? That is your passion, and that is automatically where your purpose is to be found.

Finally, Have a Plan

There is no shortcut for this one. Passion without a plan is purposeless. When you have a plan backing a goal, you actually have a way of charting your path towards that purpose or goal. The way to make it work is to track how you are existing in alignment with that plan. What are your habits and how are they helping, how are they changing, how is it all preparing you to receive what you really want?

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