When we think of power women, we are immediately bombarded by images of smart women who deliver a punch whether they are standing behind a mic, or taking their place next to their husbands. These are iconic women who have changed how we look at our own reflections and choices. It is only fitting that many of them speak through their choice of clothing and fashion. This is because women speak through their appearance more than anything else – a fact that may not go down too well with feminists. But that is how many women are perceived and painted. Here are a few pointers to dress like a powerful and successful woman!

– Classic No Nonsense Look: Think of anyone from Queen Elizabeth to the Duchess of Cambridge or Queen Letizia of Spain, and what instantly comes to mind is a classic style that is no nonsense. They choose clothing that does not distract. Coats, shift dresses and elegant understated gowns make up the bulk of their wardrobe along with statement pieces for jewellery. They will not blindly follow trends unless it is built into a well structured outfit, taking few risks when it comes to hemlines and structures. Court shoes and nude heels are their go to footwear choices. So choose iconic pieces in solid colours or uncluttered patterns with memorable yet subtle jewellery to make your own Princess Diaries.


– Edgy, Experimentative and Fun: That does mean celebrity style cannot have some fun! Take a cue from global icon and Human Rights Lawyer, Writer and Activist Amal Clooney. While skirts and dresses make up her day time, work wardrobe, she plays around with boyfriend jeans and asymmetrical pieces in her down time. From wearing two toned shoes (one colour per foot), to frayed edges for her dresses and bags, she has a fun and flirty style perfected for the paparazzi as the young wife of George Clooney!


– Robust and Vibrant Style: The place where the above two meet is probably the closet of soon to be former US First Lady Michelle Obama. No one does the subtle vibrant like this iconic FLOTUS. Feminine and solid – that is the best way to describe her style choices. She has a way of carrying the most glamorous outfits with an attitude that says, “I take myself a little more seriously than these clothes”. She shows off her curves even as she picks pieces that do not scream for attention – such is the charm of her eclectic yet smooth style.


– Leaning Towards the Serene: The new first lady of USA, Melania Trump made a major statement when she walked on to the stage with her husband on the night that he won the Presidential Election. Her silent support as she stood behind him in her Ralph Lauren flowing jumpsuit made her look statuesque even as she allowed herself to blend in. She deviated from a dress or a gown and wore pants, yet she did a U turn on what could have become a Hillary Clinton by going full on feminine and fluid with her style. Here’s looking forward to more memorable statements from this evolving style icon!


– Style in Structure: Victoria Beckham is another global icon who has created an entire line of clothing with her structured dresses and trousers. The hallmark of her dressing style is the simplicity with which chooses to drape her frame even as she makes a larger than life statement. She does not need to stray too far from the classic, yet she has just the right amount of fun with silhouettes and hemlines for an unforgettable look.


– Keep it Traditional: While speaking of power dressing, how can we forget our very own Desi icons with their resplendent silks and crisp cotton sarees? These are women you cannot stop gawking at, while they couple their style with Kolhapuri footwear and silver jewellery a la Fab India!


So what’s your style of power dressing?

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