In decor, it is a true luxury to be able to express your theme in a lavish way and this point was well proven by the folks at Ann Censored. Work took me to Mumbai and I had a deliciously lip smacking lunch of chaat at this quirky restaurant. But I had more than food on my mind as I walked into this space.


To begin with, the warehouse quality of the space is the foundation of its delightful design theme. The designers have built on this with a sense of whimsical fun – be in the swings sitting on one side to accommodate diners or the cool wooden tubes sliced into cosy seating.


I sat by the mirrored wall and watched as the quirkiness of it all sank in. Right down the middle, you have a long table with pots and pans hanging over it even as colourful umbrellas are suspended for a vibrant aura.


Mirrors, ropes and solid wood makes for a solid, jungle like feel that has a grounding effect and keeps the vibrant kitsch factors in place.


The ambience took my breath away as did the cool colours and lighting. Visit this cafe for some inspiration even in the middle of a busy work day!

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