Royal Weddings

If you are scratching your head and wondering which was the second of the two royal weddings I have mentioned – well, duh, Prince Harry married erstwhile actress Meghan Markle too. The first of the royal weddings was of course, our very own Bollywood Ki Shaadi where Sonam Kapoor married long time beau Anand Ahuja in a glittering ceremony.

While on the subject of royal weddings, what I usually find most intriguing is the way the public literally waits with bated breath for each new detail to be released, even clicking on speculative gossip style articles to get some information as fillers. What is it with us and royal weddings? Is it the hope that happily ever afters actually do exist, or are we just a world fuelled by voyeurism? Maybe a little bit of both!

Royal Weddings

But these weren’t just any other royal weddings – as if there is such a thing! The stiff upper lip and the glitz and the glam were given up for a warm show of what can only be dubbed as a true happily ever after. From that delicious train as Meghan Markle emerged from her carriage, to Sonam’s ethereal look as her scarlet lehenga paled in comparison with the glow on her face, these two royal weddings have shown us that there is hope beyond hope. We do not merely need to be the perfect princess to snag that prince – or a guy who cries at the altar when he sees you.

You can be 36, divorced and in search of a second chance. You can be an actress who decides to pursue her career as she postpones a honeymoon to promote her latest movie. You can choose to be exactly who you are, and you can choose to smile at each other during the wedding proceedings, amidst loud cheers from outside which you both acknowledge with a chuckle in that inclusive touch that is endearingly memorable. You can hold hands and you can make merry with a quick costume change that will help you feel more comfortable as you dance the night away. You can pose for cameras in your Nike shoes, and you can tell the world how proud you are of your new wife’s many accomplishments. You can each be comfortable in your own skin even as you embrace each other. Why else would we have seen Meghan in that carriage, and Sonam the fashionista posing with her new husband who wore sneakers with his Bandgala? True love, I tell you!

Royal Weddings

So think about these royal weddings if you are thinking of settling down. Laugh with each other, fill your home with an everyday warmth that comes from not having that crown straight on your head as you play the role of the domestic goddess. Nix that list of skills that you need to accumulate in order to be the perfect wife, or the perfect son in law – go right ahead and be who you are to attract the one you will truly be happy with. That is the true happily ever after mantra you need to learn from these two royal weddings!

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