She came, she sat, she opened the account registers and let them ring loud and clear. The guns blazing, chest thumping episode of Koffee with Karan (or should we say Kangana) has come and gone, yet the unabating furore around it refuses to die. Fuelled by Facebook and numerous other social media platforms, All Hail Queen Kangana seems to have become everyone’s favourite hashtag. Whether by design or au naturale, she managed to steal the show.

Yet, if we go back and take a closer look, her unabashed bashing seems a little less than polite. Yes – I used that word. Yes – I am still a feminist. Yes – I still do old school. No – I am not ashamed. But I am ashamed of Kangana calling herself a modern woman with modern day sensibilities. In today’s day and age of fire brand virality, she could have given her words a little more play and parlayed the same in a classy way rather than what seemed to be a rather crassy way. While she won the popular vote for being blatant, blunt and brazen, she could have been a little more subtle and shown a little more tolerance. Here is why.


This brings us to the subject of Karan Johar. Raised amongst people who say taking a Mumbai Local is one of their greatest adventures, here is a guy who is a thoroughbred when it comes to designer names that tumble right off of his tongue. Yes, he is pretentious. But let’s hand it to this guy – he has actually made a name for himself doing exactly that and selling cotton candy designer dreams to the aam junta (common masses). So you cannot really expect him to show faith in the spate of, ahem, troubled characters Kangana seemed to excel in, during her rise to stardom. I mean, really what can you say when the heroine has just a few lines of coke in her script? Let’s just put it this way: his brand of cinema is different, and brand Kangana is very different. And if we have learnt anything from devouring all those seasons of Koffee with Karan and his glitzy movies, it is this: the brand is everything.

Therefore Kangana could have toned down the barbs and done a Queen instead of repeating her riotous Tanu Weds Manu act. You have won two National Awards and slain the entire world with your new found command over the Queen’s language – wake up and smell the Koffee, woman. The preschool shenanigans on Koffee with Karan were certainly a tad bit childish and high pitched. In calling out Karan on his own show, she has proven exactly what she had set out not to: Karan Johar and his ilk are a far greater prize than her faith in her own prowess.

Also, did anyone notice Saif Ali Khan on that couch? No? Bloody Hell!

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  1. Brand kangana became brand kangana only because kjo didn’t support her and the aam junta loved her. He could have offered her ahem less troubled characters.. looks like another paid journo kissing kjo ass…

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