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You have finally done it – you have the two magic words, The End. And your manuscript is ready to turn into a book! Yet, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. A lot of first time authors do not understand the gravity of choosing the right publisher, where their precious manuscript will be treated like a piece of art, and not just a product. So here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your manuscript is handled well:

  1. Type of Publisher: Before you actually start, it would be a good idea to assess the various kinds of publishers in the market. Does you manuscript need a traditional publisher, or can you go ahead and get it self published? Depending on the time, resources and personal choice, you should take a call. Getting your book out in the market should be your priority when you are choosing the kind of publisher for your book.
  2. Editing: Your manuscript will have to be polished well so that it fits right into the niche it is meant for, and for the bookshelf of the ideal reader. When you are looking for a publisher, you will also need to see the quality and experience of the editor. The expertise of the editor should be measured in terms of grammar, exposure when it comes to the market, and various other factors.
  3. Creative and Printing Values: Ask your publisher about the various styles of layout, design, cover and even fabrication or embossing where required. The creative head or visualiser should ideally show you a few samples before you zero in on the style you like. This style will then be refined and used for your book.
  4. Branding and Promotion: Simply typing out the manuscript and turning it into a book is only the beginning of your journey as an author. Before you choose a publisher, ask about the kind of promotion and branding that you will receive. It is true that the quality of your promotions will decide the sales of the book, and the author as well as the publisher will have to make all efforts to promote the book in the best and most widely received manner. This will include a proper media plan and a brand environment that will help the author gain recognition as well.
  5. Start Small: You may want to start by being a part of an anthology to see what the publisher really has to offer in terms of the points made above. This will help you understand the market better, even as you can see the quality of printing, editing, design and promotions so that your skills as an authorpreneur are also honed in the bargain. This will also give you beneficial exposure in the world of literature.

In order to make your book a success, you will have to first choose the right publisher who can fulfill all of the above. A publisher who has a plan for each of the points etched above, will be able to treat and handle your manuscript well. Happy writing – and happy publishing!

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