Traveling and clicking pictures go hand in hand, which is why travel cameras are a whole other niche. Capturing your travel experiences is a matter of carrying the right travel camera and using it in the most effective manner. If you are like me and travel is your mainstay, then a travel camera is a must But which kind of travel camera will be best suited for you? That depends entirely on the kind of travel that you usually indulge in. Here is a quick look at the different types of travel cameras with the pros and cons – straight from our in house Videographer/Travel Enthusiast. Get ready to capture your itinerary brilliantly!

DSLRs: The DSLR or the Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera is one of the most popular and effective in its class. The DSLR has amazing picture reproduction quality and gives you a number of options when it comes to capturing pictures from various angles and panoramic views. The Canon 80D is known to be one of the best travel cameras if you are planning to use a DSLR. Apart from being easy to handle and operate, it also gives you a vibrant picture quality. Most of the Vloggers and travel bloggers today use this DSLR. The Nikon D7500 is also a brilliant travel camera that gives you plenty of sharpness in picture and video. But most travel bloggers report that it is not very easy to handle and a little difficult to use as well.

An Amazing Travel Camera
The Canon 80D DSLR for Great Picture Quality

Mirrorless Cameras: Having a digital display system rather than a cumbersome lens that needs to be lugged around, can be quite a boon for the frequent traveller. No wonder the mirrorless camera is being touted as the perfect travel camera. The Canon M3 has a 1080p 30 resolution and is pretty light to carry. It also comes with a mic port which makes it easy to record videos too. If you can do with slightly less resolution then the Sony a5100 comes with a 1080p 60 resolution – which is still pretty good for a travel camera. The Panasonic LX10 is also a compact wonder which can shoot in 4X. This is a slightly expensive travel camera in its range.

Perfect Travel Camera that is light to carry
Canon M3 Mirrorless Camera for Easy Carriage

Action Cameras and Mounts: If you are a frequent traveller who likes to go to difficult terrain and if adventure gets your adrenaline pumping, then this one would be a good option for you. With a number of features and options, the action camera gives you the leeway to shoot on the go. The Go Pro Hero has many variants, but 3, 4 and 5 are some of the best in their class. The waterproof casing and various options ensure that you can use them while indulging in outdoor and sporty activities as well. The Xiaomi Yi is a slightly cheaper travel camera competitor for the Hero series, with mounts that support various kinds of activities, and a few extra features to boot! For these action cameras, you can use head mounts, wrist mounts, helmet mounts, shoulder mounts, bike and care mounts – among many others!

GoPro Hero 5 Travel Camera
Travel Camera for the Action Loving Traveller

Drones: What if you can travel without having to focus, click and carry your camera around? That’s the option you get with the next travel camera – the drone. This new age camera is one that glides effortlessly above while you control its flight and clicks with a remote. This helps you get some amazing arial views. The DJi Spark and Mavic Pro are some of the best known in this class. You can even make gimbles and stablize the camera for great video, sound and picture quality. These can also be easily carried in your backpacks and handbags. Make sure that you have the required permits before you use these travel cameras.

Mavic Pro Drone Travel Camera
Letting it Fly with the Drone

Wearable Cameras: While drones and action cameras have brought the travel camera into the future, the wearable camera is bringing the future to the world of the traveller. Why not go hands free while you are on the go? The new age, revolutionary and potentially market disrupting wearable camera is here to stay in the travel camera segment. The Front Row by Ubiquiti promises to be a class apart in terms of user friendliness and picture / video quality. Take this out while on a jet ski or let it walk around while you explore a new city. The camera comes in two variations – 8 Megapixels and 5 Megapixels. A 2 inch LCD screen delivers easy access and handling. Plus you also get the option of hanging it around your neck or clipping it to your shirt.

Haider Desai is a travel enthusiast with a penchant for photography. This videographer and photographer is already well versed in capturing events and locales. His most recent expedition was to Leh, Ladakh on his Bullet 350! Watch the details right here at

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