The last state dinner hosted by the Obamas at the White House has become a talking point because of THAT dress. The one that pulled out all the stops – a custom made Atelier Versace chainsaw coppery gown that stopped heartbeats and prompted a million flashlights to explode. A playful neckline and a royal Grecian silhouette completed the look. And finally, her most important accessory – the adoring gaze of her husband – played the starring role. But that dress, though! It just said it all. The one that said, “see you on the other side of fame and power.” The one that made an epic statement of power dressing and said, “thank you for everything, I am keeping it.”

Michelle Obama may be saying her final goodbye as first lady, but she showed the world just what she is made of. Not just with that dress, not just with that speech about molestation, lockers rooms and he who must not be named – she has made a power packed impact with her well groomed, open, spontaneous and heart felt ways. Throughout her tenure as first lady, she has ensured that she fought for causes close to her heart, and she was not afraid to wear the said heart on her sleeve in an attempt to turn her causes into back to basics movements.

So here’s a lesson or two that we can learn from her.

– Fearlessness: She is not scared of speaking her mind, and giving a measured opinion without hurting sentiments. Yet, she does not go in search of a controversy searing episode to make a mark. She does it with all her heart and it shows in the slight tremor of her voice when she is talking about a particularly tricky election campaign, or the cause of food habits and lunch boxes across America.

– Grace: Her impeccable sense of style and the effortless, everyday way in which she carries off her outfits – from ball gowns to track pants – is something that has made her a tangible icon of sorts.

– Fun: Yes, she is fun. Not only does her sense of fashion scream fun, but the way she joins people to dance on television, or lavish others with that open smile, shows that she knows a thing or two about truly enjoying every moment of everything that she does.


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