Many of have a starry eyed vision of making millions while we sit at our laptop, typing out poetic words that will appeal to someone, somewhere and quickly become viral! Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is about a one in a million chance of that happening. Blogging is hard work that pays off well – but not without a lot of effort and then some. Find out if you are really prepared to make it big as a blogger, with this quick check list!


– Posts: To merely register and then think about what you are going to write, is not such a great idea. Keep an editorial calendar with a strategy ready along with a few posts to get started. These posts should typically revolve around different facets of your niche. Wait – you do have a niche, right? Find one before you start. Period.

– Strategy: Pepper your posts with information and solutions that will bring in your audience and send them back with a solid takeaway. And at the end of the post, promise more with a clear call for action. If you are ready with a few posts that follow this structure, then you know you are prepared to turn your audience in your clients.

– Discipline: Finding the time and commitment to post regularly (decide on your timelines early on), is the key to blogging success, among many other factors. Know that this discipline will take your blog from one viewer (yourself) to many (your family and friends), and many, many more.

– Research: Be ready to learn on the uptake. You will need to constantly research the latest keywords and hashtags, as well as marketing skills. Bookmark some reliable blogs from where you can constantly polish your skill. Also, make it a point to follow other blogs in your niche and find out what they are doing well. Accordingly, keep your unique points in sight as you create posts.

– Planning: Plan your blog marketing effort and reserve some time for this every single day. This is what will pay off in the long run. Be prepared for nil results as you start, but know that your consistent efforts will take it all someplace, some day.

If you have checked the above points, you are ready to start blogging. All the best!













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