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It’s that time of the year again when we go all out to battle traffic, reach a new years party, come home with the promise of hangover the next morning, and then promise to start the new year on a new note. Sounds familiar? You may begin a few new things, only to give up two and a half weeks later. Then here are five things you need to do in order to make this new year count and own it!

– New Year Resolutions a week in advance: While promises made to oneself should not come with an activation date, there are many who are moved by the change of date – moved enough to begin something new, or at least toy with the idea of that new diet. If you must indulge in new years resolution making, I would suggest starting your resolution at least a week in advance. This will help you recognise and work around the pitfalls so that you get a head start by the time the 1st of January comes around! Like they say: practice makes perfect.

– Moderation: Moderation is a habit that we all desperately require. This new years, you can begin by making fewer trips down the candy aisle of the grocery store, creating fewer insipid status updates on social media, ranting less, thanking more and basically creating a balanced outlook. Moderation also makes you tackle your goals and resolutions one chunk at a time rather than trying to overdo it and giving up when the results do not appear.

– Make Gratitude an Attitude: Create a list of things that you love and thank the universe for all of it. Your dog, your spouse, the search for the perfect spouse, kids, singledom, home, family, friends, work, et al. Say a heartfelt thank you every single day!

– Get into the Groove: Stop putting things off and take them head on. Identify the projects and tasks that are pending – at home and work. Take them one at a time and strike them off your to do list. You cannot start on new resolutions unless the old clutter of your to do list is taken care of.

– Change your Habits, a minute at a time: Try this Oriental trick of focusing on a new task for a minute each day, and slowly increase it to five minutes, then ten minutes and then more – you get the drift, right? This will help you make a new habit and break an old one.

So make this new year large, make it count – and more importantly, make it yours!


2 comments on “5 Things to do this New Years

  1. Great ideas for 2017. Nos 2 and 3 are specially high on my list. I’ve been trying to maintain a gratitude journal but not doing too well at it. Perhaps this push shall make me move to it. A happy new year to you.

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