So what was the virtual world obsessed with this past week? While we slept peacefully in our homes, the West erupted in a locker room debate that supposedly normalises sexual assault. So why did this become a furore? Because it came from none other than an orange haired US presidential candidate. While this candidate quickly pointed out what Bill Clinton did about 20 years ago, he seemed to forget that he is talking about steering the future of the country. Well, at the end of it all he threatened to disappear if he wouldn’t make it as President – to which the world collectively asked, “Pinky Swear?”


Meanwhile in the East, the actress of a much awaited film decided to divert people’s attention from the one of the stars who is back in Pakistan with a cryptic message that does away with any stand on the Uri Attacks. Talking about her 17 kilo lehenga and the broken relationship that follows in the movie thereafter, she talked about how difficult it all was. And all this, with a straight face. We so understand.


What the virtual world and Facebook in particular did not seem to understand was the new law in India – a man may ask for divorce if his wife even as much as talks about separating him from his parents. No talk on what happens when the same girl leaves her parent’s home when she marries. The whole episode has been reported with the same gusto with which the media reported the exact details of the surgical strike, giving the neighbouring nation plenty of food for thought – not to mention, ideas for the future.

The verdict on America’s biggest IQ test is still out, but what about the IQ back home?

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