The high street look is one that shows off effortless style with just the right touches in the right places. When you opt to go designer, your aim is to stand out, but not in a jarring way. So what really makes a certain look high street or designer? This Diwali, we spoke to some of our favourite designers who have shared a few tips! But before that, let us understand what really makes a trend. A trend or a high street statement does not necessarily need to come from a runway. It can come from a group of girls who have decided to do something new. It can come from a group of older ladies who have decided to replicate the same look in a more sophisticated way. This leads to a demand for that particular garment or accessory.

And before you know it the designers decide to showcase it in their latest collections, with their own unique edge. The result? It finally trickles into boutiques, high street stores and the wardrobes of men and women, for many seasons to come. So what exactly defines high street fashion this Diwali? Read on to know more!

Cut Outs: The neckline cutouts, the collar cutouts, the cold shoulder and several other such trends have come to define high street in a huge way. This piece from Indian Colors by SHA shows us just what a cut out at the right place can do. A tantalising yet sophisticated show of skin with embroidery and artisan good looks is just what the doctor ordered for Diwali and the upcoming festive season!

Go Floral: From Sabyasachi to Manish Malhotra, many designers are bringing back the flower power statement of the 70s. This look says high street like none other when paired with a neutral pastel hue, as demonstrated by Indian Colors by SHA. We are in love with the subtle hand embroidery that defines the dupatta and lends much panache to the floral suit in question!

East and West: Bring in an ethnic and exotic look with a hint of the West. For this look, the designers at Indian Colors by SHA have ensured that an asymmetrical and completely subtle look does the job. The simple blue hue with the embellished cape and minimalist work have given you the perfect Princess inspired high street look!

Color Blocking: Going plain and simple with one vibrant hue is the high street rage today! To play catch up, all you need is a gilded part and a colorful part. Remember to stay away from any in your face artisan touches or embroidery to work this look efficiently. I would typically pair this look with some pretty heels and plenty of jewellery!

Work in a few Layers: When you layer a garment with different textures like crepe and brocade, in the same hue, and a few random touches of embellishment, you are basically giving a high street vibe. Not only does this drape well, but it also gives an oh so festive look. You can easily do away with a duppata and rock this look for some hands free Diwali fun. Try this pretty peach piece from Indian Colors by SHA.

Go Subtle: The major high street trend this festive season is that of all things subtle. Whether it is barely there neutral hues, or a hint of embroidery on a vibrant piece, you should go in for the understated to make a truly designer statement! Try this saree from Indian Colors by SHA to fit in a truly runway style look that says, “I make my own rules!”

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