Summer is almost here and so are its hot, raging temperatures (especially for those parts of the world where Spring does not shower its bounty for too long)! So, if you are busy complaining about the hot weather, here is a quick list that will help you keep cool and make the most of your Summer.

  1. Pick up a Hobby: Nothing distracts like a well thought out and routine inducing hobby. Start scrap booking – bring out all those old photo albums; or start knitting for the Winter. Start taking classes in baking, swimming, kick boxing and more to get those happy hormones flowing! There is nothing like a good hobby to take the sluggish energy out of your system and replace it with something to look forward to!
  2. Create a Summer Reading List: Staying indoors to keep yourself from getting scorched is one of the prime motives of Summer. Add some spice with a thriller or two, or keep it mellow with a laughter inducing tome based on chick lit! So, stay in but don’t get bored. Create a reading list to beat the heat. Bring your family and friends on board and set reading goals, swap each other’s preferred tomes and find out more about the world – without moving too many muscles!
  3. Travel: Vacations at this time of the year have always been all about travel. Either you would find yourself heading to the grandparents’ home, or you would find yourself exploring a slighting cooler and more elevated place. Take an off the beaten track kind of vacay and find yourself an exotic hotspot that is not yet on the mainstream tourism radar. If you are looking for inspiration, this is where you click!
  4. Journal Writing: This is one of my favourite things to do during a long break! Nothing like turning those long evenings into rounds of introspection. Buy yourself a pretty notebook, give it a name and make friends with it. Tell it all your secrets and read each Summer journal at the end of the year. Believe me – major findings will meet you and much change will happen!
  5. Plan your Weekends: Escape the city during weekends, if you cannot take a full fledged vacation. Plan your weekends with plenty of fun activities. In fact, with the luxury vacation rental niche picking up, you do not need to drive too far from your urban quarters to get that Summer fun going with a fully staffed property all to yourself and plenty of movie marathons, barbeque nights and more!

So, are you ready for Summer?

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