What is education if it does not probe and make the student look deep within to find a way to wreck magic on the world outside? Accordingly, ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education), one of the main evaluation and cirriculum setting bodies in Indian schools, has decided to do away with Hemingway and Shakespeare in order to create a more formidable body of literature for growing children. The mandatory text will now feature names like Harry Potter, Asterix, The Hobbit and Tintin. With names like these, kids will end up having fun even as they learn, or so the move promises. Let us take a look at what kids can possibly learn from these texts.

– Imagination: With graphic novels and comics, children can hope to exercise and stretch their imagination to the fullest even as they get a clear visual of what is going on in the story that they are reading.

– Reading as a Habit: More than just a hobby pursued by a precious few today, reading may well become a habit that will be a mandatory pleasure for most children with this new move. With exciting stories and visual hooks, children may now turn to these books as a matter of infotainment.

– Learning and Modernisation: The move seeks to promote a more modern outlook when it comes to language, perspective and the challenges that are being faced by growing children. With these ends in mind, literature has now been designed as a means with which they can find the energy and imagination to express and learn in a more relevant manner.

– Indian Sensibilities: With comics like Amar Chitra Katha, children will also get a taste of Indian stories that have propelled past generations to read with torches under the blankets, way past bedtime. They can now get an authentic taste of the words and plot lines that have shaped our childhood too.

– If Bob Dylan Could: If a Nobel Prize could be awarded for the lyrics of an iconic, pop culture song, then there is no saying where this move could take the future generation when it comes to their professional performance and sense of innovation and achievement in later years.

So here’s to the future of these children and the magic of growing up! Kudos to ICSE for a move that will be forever marked as historical.


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