While we spent a good part of 2015 and 2016 watching people get trolled and trumped (in equal doses) for making remarks on intolerance (mainly on the judgement fueled, and policed-by-ethos social media), there were many thoughts that struck me. One of them was: are we intolerant enough? And then, the Uri attacks happened leading to a much “larger” debate on whether or not Fawad Khan must leave the country and forgo artistic license. No word yet on the 18 families destroyed due to the loss of lives in these attacks. One valid question is this: if business, politics, art and music have nothing to do with terrorism, then what are soldiers protecting the borders for? Are we intolerant enough to make a statement for the country?
To begin with, let us consider this: yes, we need to be intolerant. In the wake of the terrorist Uri attacks, Syria’s crying children and many other atrocities around the world, there is a need to be intolerant. Intolerance can be a good thing if directed towards poverty, terrorism, counter attacks that create more terrorists, corruption, lack of civic sense and education, discrimination, and other such issues. So yes, why not be intolerant? The difference between giving direction to intolerance and using it as a misguided missile is to ensure that we know what we’re after – sometimes, it’s simple as that. And what we’re after does not include changing our country of residence or commenting on those who supposedly said they have considered the option. We’re after a better world – and throwing stones if you live in a glass house, does not a better world make!
So by all means, join the intolerance brigade – just decide which side you’re on.

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