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So, it’s been a few very productive weeks here at And All – but it is time to up the game. Interlinking and back linking are the topics on hand today, and I will get straight to it.

Let us start with interlinking.

Linking articles and posts within the same blog or platform is a great way to exercise your rights over better SEO ranking – if I have to put it simply. Many of you may have noticed that I frequently hyperlink words within our posts and a click would lead you to a fellow blogger’s posts on a related or at least, relatable subject. Now, this is something that Google likes because it believes that you are creating an authoritative position in that niche which makes your website the perfect place where it can take its search parties. Also, it helps you tap into each other’s audience base. This works fabulously for the brands that get featured in such stories.

Now, we need to interlink! So here’s how it will work:

1. You need to generate a few keywords and writing prompts or even currently trending topics. I will make it as generic as possible.

2. Ensure that each paragraph you write on the said subject has that keyword mentioned at least once in every paragraph or every other paragraph.

3. You can then use the Yoast tool and optimise this keyword even as you hyperlink the words so that your posts get interlinked within the blog or website.

4. You can all be one big happy blogging family until the next big SEO challenge comes along!

So let’s take an example and work in a writing prompt that can double as a keyword. Feel free to use any one of these as your keywords. If your topic is not the same, not to worry – you can always work in one of these prompts as a keyword into your article. Our example here is Possibilitarian (you can work this into an article on elections, or life coaching, or even dating).

Now, on to back linking. This is the carefree sibling of interlinking. Why carefree? While interlinking holds down the fort, back linking goes out there to actually tickle the taste buds of your audience.

Well, before that a quick question that many of you may have asked – where is the audience hiding? Here’s my answer:

– In the comment threads of top blogs of your niche and their instagram posts;

– In the questions asked on Quora

– In the comments of groups of Facebook

– On WhatsApp

And how do we get to these people? The answer is back linking. So how can you back link? Here are two ways:

– Get featured on a post by a blogger in your niche and enter a barter where you also feature the said blogger

– Leave your link in a relevant comment on some top performing blog posts or Instagram posts of top bloggers in your niche

– Additionally, you should be regularly answering questions of your niche on Quora and leave behind your link as a “know more” for each answer you draft. Look at it as having a fun conversation with someone you met at an event, and then inviting that person home for a cup of tea.

After that?

– Save the email addresses of those who showed any interest and replied to your answers, comments and link exchange requests. 

– Build a relationship with these potential customers.

– Send them your emailers containing your links on a regular basis and ask them what’s new with them as well. 

This should be a regular exercise to be tackled with a disciplined schedule dedicated to wholesome interlinking and back link building.

I would actually recommend setting aside an hour to target the following:

– 5 blogs / posts a day

– 5 questions on Quora a day

Remember to get back to me with any questions at all. Next week – let’s talk about creating relevant stories that will put you on the SEO Map for sure!

Devangini Mahapatra is the founder of And All Publishing that launches authors and bloggers. Her forte remains content and optimisation along with end to end campaign creation. This award winning authorpreneur frequently writes about branding in the digital age!

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