Did you know that once you proclaim that you are a blogger, you are actually a small business? Did you know that this business has the potential to become big? And more than all that, did you know that going from small to big is a matter of branding yourself as a blogger?

When you blog and you invite people to trust your skills as an influencer or as a writer who will maintain their brand’s blogs, you are actually promising to deliver something unique. You are promising to create a touchstone which will resonate with consumers, offer them solutions and show them something that they may not have noticed about your client or brand, before. Therefore, before you promise any of these things, it is imperative for you to create your own brand to show them what you can do. Because if you may have been following my posts on branding, here is something that I always propagate: show, do not merely tell. Accordingly, here are a few choice ways in which you can evolve as a brand rather than being another blogger lost in a sea of Google searches.


– Find your Voice: Find a niche to practice in, yet ensure that you also have something new to say. Nothing puts a reader off more than the same advice, the same words and the same thoughts repeated again and again. if they have to hear the same thing, they will go to the most popular blog in that niche. And to become a popular blogger in any niche, you need to give them something that no one else is giving them.

– Be Authentic: To come across as someone who knows about the niche, you will need to build your voice with something tangible in terms of the advice you give and the insights that you present. This also includes an authentic look for your blog’s appearance in terms of the theme and look. These are all defining factors when it comes to your blog and its brand.

– Establish Yourself: One of the best ways to create your own brand is to establish yourself as a reliable voice. Do plenty of research, find information that is not being presented elsewhere, package yourself differently and present facts garnered from primary research as well. All this will authenticate your voice still further and help you establish yourself as an expert in your field. As you build a name, your brand will also build a following.

– Create a Signature: Find a signature way to start or sign off each post. Do a theme for your emailers. Do a theme based giveaway based on the niche of your blog. Basically anything that will help people with brand recall so that your blog has a solid identity as your author platform.

– Be True to your Niche: Remember to stay true to your niche by offering information in related aspects which will also draw in people from other niches. That is one of the best ways for standing out and creating something memorable as well.

In conclusion, remember to create a blog experience that will have people coming back for more – that is the best measure of your branding efficacy!

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