Branding building may seem like an overwhelming ocean with many waves to navigate at the same time. But one particularly high crest, full crescendo wave is that of blogging. This is pretty much the crux of your entire brand presence and how you steer your online ship! Your social media headlines come from this space to harness and bring back your ideal audience to this very same shore. Backlinks, comments and posting on other forums will also depend very much on the tone and quality of your blogging effort. Read on to know more about how blogging can help you build a worthwhile and engaging brand.



– Your Own Blog: Your blog is your online voice which will leave echoes on social media pages as well as back links and comments on other blogs. Ensure that you use this space to address and solve problems backed by proper resources that you can provide. But our disclaimer is this: do not make it too sales-y and definitely stay away from irrelevant keyword cramming! Choose a good blogger who will do the job for you and provide necessary details about your products including pictures so that the expert may write for your ideal audience.

– Influencer Blogs: Use influencer blogs to reach a wider audience. If you go to a popular niche blog, you can be sure that the blogger will be optimising in the best possible manner to reach your core audience. This makes your job easier. But be sure to research the kind of audience and products that this blogger may run, and ensure that you reach out with a personalised email, where you tell the blogger why the blog and your product are a perfect fit!

– Competition: Blogging is one of the best ways of ensuring that you are right where your competition is. In case of influencer marketing, you will reach out to the same audience that your competition may be trying to reach out to. Which is a great way to show off your advantages and even offer a subtle comparison! Do a quick search and talk to bloggers about featuring your products in listicles that may carry pictures and mentions of your competitor brand as well (For example, ’10 things to wear during the festive season’ can have your product at number 3!). Plus, consumers tend to trust recommendations that come from someone outside the brand.

– Promises: Become a reliable source of information and give solutions to problems that your product or service can fix. This includes putting together an ensemble, finding a good vacation read, or completing a quick DIY overhaul. Also, ensure that you deliver what your promise. Choose a price, define what you are offering and thrown in a few freebies to make a dent!


So are you ready to make the blogosphere work for your brand?



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