Do you find yourself scratching your head as you walk into the kitchen every morning? Chaos and dandruff may be the cause. Let us tackle chaos first.

Mornings are the proverbial rush hour in any and every household. School and office lunches are packed even as you wonder what to do for breakfast. If you have been facing the monotony of toast and cereal everyday, give it a twist. Do this.

Beans: This can be done for a few days in advance. Soak and boil a mix of rajma (red kidney beans), white kidney beans, black beans and chickpeas. Store in the fridge and give it a new seasoning every morning. I have even made a leftover rice and bean salad for a crunchy breakfast often. Season with salt, pepper vinegar one day and whip out the lemon, coriander leaves and chaat masala another day. Add a dollop of beaten yogurt on a Wednesday, and watch as the weekend comes early!


Toast: Sick of toast, right? Me too. So here’s what I did. I broke the bread into pieces and sauteed with some tangy tomatoes, garlic, onions and soya sauce. The result? Chinese bread upma!

Home Made Parfait: Mix your cereal, add some honey, and let it set in layers of fruit, cereal and yogurt overnight. Drizzle with toasted oats and watch the Monday morning blues evaporate.


Hope this gives you some breakfast ideas!

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