The 89th Academy Awards happened a while ago and people from various time zones set their alarm clocks, missed their morning walks and basically went all out on takeaway for dinner. If you happened to miss it and are now scratching your head over the variety of memes that have suddenly populated your timeline, here is a quick round up of our favourite moments:

The Wedding March: A barrage of tourists were brought into the Kodak Theatre with two selfie stick bearing individuals in particular who stood out. They were marched in and unarmed when it came to any form of repartee or running shoes. The couple turned out to be engaged. The kind host Jimmy Kimmel very generously offered Denzel Washington to administer their wedding vows! Of course, the wedding did not happen. But a lot of guffaws and some confusion, did.

Meryl Streep: In a jab at the new POTUS, Kimmel launched a fitting reply to the weeks old tweet regarding Meryl Streep and her “overrated” status. He led a standing ovation for Streep in a politically charged Oscar ceremony (a first time occurrence, apparently). But not before he sent out a tweet to the POTUS. Meryl Streep was seen hiding her head – out of embarrassment or to hide her laughter, we will never know.

Doughnuts: Classic doughnuts and cookies floated down in an air drop to greet the guests and their raging appetites. Delicate white parachutes fluttered down the dome of the Kodak Theatre to land in the laps of those in the audience. Everything was warm and chocolatey in the land of Sunshine, until Kimmel said the coffee was on its way too. Gasps happened before he quickly cleared the air – quite literally – to inform everyone that he was indeed joking.

Matt Damon: Well, this one happened multiple times in response to the “feud” that seems to bind the two. Jimmy Kimmel started out by launching an attack from an empty theatre playing Damon’s movie, ‘I bought a Zoo’. He dissected the dialogues in a completely comical context and then called on the “talentless” star to make an entry as Ben Affleck and “Friend” to present an award. Of course, he was found downstairs with the musicians, guiding them to drown out Damon as he began to speak. Laughter and camaraderie brought the house down.

And the Oscar goes to: The Oscars suffered a slight glitch when presenter Warren Beatty mixed up the envelopes for Best Leading Actress and Best Movie. The cast of La La Land cheerfully made it to the stage when their name was announced. But the producers quickly realised the mix up and called on the cast of Moonlight to rightfully accept the award!

But nothing quite topped Dev Patel and the fact that he brought his mom as his date – because whatever else we may or may not have, Humare paas maa hai!

Pictures Courtesy: US Magazine, People’s Magazine, Daily Mail

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