Days filled with the sunshine of innocence and nights filled with dreams of touching the clouds – that is the ideal definition of childhood. Schooling often sets these free spirits on the path of discipline which defines their lives. Ideally, this defining form of moulding minds helps the child find his or her calling, and navigate the terrain of insight, training and competition.


Many times, when the line between making a livelihood and gaining precious life skills blurs, we find our children in an education system that leaves them bereft of carefree times. This Children’s Day, let us take some time out to question the existing to embark on revolutionary models like the one followed in Finland. Here are a few cool facts about the Finnish education system.

– It goes against the tried and tested formula of evaluation systems that rate different aptitudes as per the same yard stick.

– Recently, schools in Finland have been directed to do away with the traditional subjects so that the focus is on events and phenomena rather than mere subjects.

– Children in Finland do not start reading and writing until the age of 7. The idea here is to help the child familiarise himself or herself with social and other life skills that help in better adaptability. So, if you thought trigonometry will help you rent a home and open a bank account, you probably need to go to Finland once.

– Students can study any topic. The schools here allow the students to choose their topics and events. Additionally, they are not forced to sit at desks and spend their days merely day dreaming about playgrounds. These students are organised into groups so as to discuss problems and solutions for the topics that they have chosen to study.

So get ready to usher in a more inclusive and child friendly system of education and communication today!

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