What does the perfect vacation mean to you?


Does it mean lying around in a hammock, with the ocean splashing about in the horizon, and a refreshing drink nearby? Or does it mean high intensity adventure, often seen taking off from mountain tops and diving deep into the blue to gain momentum? Whatever your ideal vacation, India seems to have the perfect answer. So check out these options to learn more:

– Para Gliding in Billing, Himachal: Try the serene hills for some inspiration in this adventure packed vacation. You won’t be able to decide what’s more fun: jumping off the hill top, or landing on one!


– A Silent Retreat in the Himalayas: Join a group of 80 to 100 people in the lower reaches of the Himalayas. Sounds simple enough? Well, not really. At this monastery in McLeodganj, the real challenge is remain silent for ten days, in the company of utter strangers!


– A Home Stay in Coorg: If walking and being one with nature is your thing, then this is probably right up your alley. Coorg, located in South India, is replete with pretty hills and even prettier tea and coffee estates. These estates have been turned into home stays where you can sample local fare and get a feel for a home away from home experience!


– Kerala: Follow the Ayurveda trail in Kerala. Get yourself a vacation filled with healing properties and heightened senses. That’s what the massage trail in Kerala will offer you. Try dripping oil and nerve centre massages from the range of treatments, and come back rejuvenated.

– Desert Festivals: Traditionally organised to help remote desert villages get their dose of retail therapy, the annual desert festivals in the Rann of Kutch, as well as Jaisalmer in Rajasthan are truly a treat for the senses. Camel rides, dune bashing, colourful ware, entertaining performances and so much more await you here!



So take your pick, and get yourself a vacation that will leave its imprint in your heart and mind for a long time to come!


Disclaimer: Pictures are not necessarily from actual locations, but simply indicative of the environs you may be able to enjoy!

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