Mumbai beckoned and I followed, tracing my footsteps around the city and exploring all that is good about the place. One thing that strikes me about Mumbai with each visit is its delicious love affair with food. There is something for every palate, every appetite in wonderful Mumbai. So what did I find out on this trip? Here goes!

– Chaat: I took to Ann Censored (Uncensored, basically) and absorbed the quirky decor first. The Kamla Mills cafe has so much colour and vibrance on offer, that for a moment you forget about food. The wholesome quirky feel is well balanced with stunning grounded elements in solid wood. So I took a seat and regarded the menu. Here I found two portions – censored and uncensored. Censored included an all organic Euro menu, while uncensored was good old chaat with a gourmet twist. The maitre de recommended a cool beetroot tikki (cutlet) chaat, which I absolutely loved. But before the actual dish arrived, I was served a shot of thandai that arrived on a steaming grill – nice touch! The chaat itself came served on a plate with a broken rim – quite edgy, this place. And at the end of it all, I was given the bill in a musical box that started to play as soon as I opened it! My rating: 5 on 5.


– Marathi Thali: Now this was quite a treat. The yummy and tangy flavours of Maharashtra all came through with the amazing delights in this thali. The srikhand served at the beginning of the meal ensured that I had an appetizing start, and the rest of the meal was lip smacking to say the least. My favourite part? The rice and plain yellow dal that came at the end – simple delights! My rating: 4 on 5!

– Pizza: We were walking around Fort when we realised we were close to lunch time and my daughter suggested some good old Pizza. We arrived at Pizza Express as we ducked out of the rain that left us soaking wet. We sat down to a meal of authentic pizza made with three cheeses and also, sour dough balls with butter and infused olive oil – both garlic and chilli flakes versions were available on each table. My rating: 4.5 on 5!

– Cafe Mondegar: No visit to Mumbai is complete without a visit to Colaba’s famed Cafe Mondegar. So I went on my personal pilgrimage and enjoyed a few hours of fun. My favourite part is the jukebox and the heartwarming vibe of the place! Always a 5 on 5!


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