Books have the power to trigger active imagination and set one’s pulse racing with the mere thought of a wayward “what if”. This Valentine’s Day, gift your loved one a book or curl up with the tome of your choice – take a pick from this cool list of characters doomed in love, or those tied up in many shades of hearts and flowers!

– Fifty Shades of Grey: This BDSM romance can get a little cheesy at times, but titillating is the middle name of this sometimes rough, sometimes mellow tome. Read all three books in this engrossing series and get some insider perspective with the male follow up: Grey. Valentine’s Week guaranteed! Gift a wine bottle from the Fifty Shades collection and get the party started!


– The Fault in Our Stars: Young, old, happy, tragic – there are a whole lot of emotions that will take you on a roller coaster ride as you read this book. Set on the tragic terrain of terminal illness, this book is a tear jerker that will also leave you with a smile! Leave post its and chits with quotes from the book all around the house!


– Pride and Prejudice: Go classical with this everlasting tale of love. The feisty young Elizabeth Bennett falls in love with the brooding and serious Mr Darcy. The book is peppered with the delicate salon inspired classical times of Great Britain – a treat like none other indeed! Plan pride and prejudice tea party for two and relive those times!


– Message in a Bottle: Much before The Notebook, came a beautifully mellow yet exciting story by the same author. This must read book by Nicholas Sparks will have you at the edge of your seat as this exciting romance takes you from urban quarters to seaside towns. The beautiful words and heartfelt emotions will leave you spell bound as you navigate the life and times of Theresa, the heroine who unearthed the first message in the bottle! Send each other messages in bottles as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!


– Rebecca: This classic is one that can bring out romance in even the most staunch cynic. The book traces the conflicting emotions of the heart broken hero and his innocent heroine. The beauty of the language and the nuances will keep you hooked until the last burning spires of the climax collapse in a happy ending. Frame a quote or two and present to your loved one for a timeless expression of your love!


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