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Know your Designer – Quick Showcase
Friday, October 13, 2017 @ 11:12 AM

Embellished designer pieces that catch the eye, swatches of fabric that delight the soul, color combinations never seen before – these are a few designer things! When we choose to go the designer way, we are basically making a conscious statement to don something unique. Reaching out for ware on that designer shelf or sitting down over drawings to decide the exact length, craft and width of a garment is a choice to create a wardrobe that will grab eyeballs and define our personality in the best possible way. But how often do we stop to think about the designer behind the garment?

The designer is the eye for detail and the brain for creative twists. This soul instinctively thinks in themes and colors. He or she can be spotted from afar because of combinations that would not have struck you as common place. Imagine bumping into your favourite designer on the street. A well tailored exterior and a unique play of pattern, color and accessories will make a quick impression on one’s mind. Now imagine being able to get into the mind of designer to find out just how to create a designer look. That’s exactly what we did and here’s what we found! We have decided to specifically focus on designers who have been influenced by art forms in India.

Medha Nevrekar, Desi Almaree

Medha has been in love with rich Indian textiles and art forms since she can remember! This designer started her journey in 2006 when she crossed over from making it a hobby to pursuing it as a full fledged profession. A cushy job as an IT consultant did not stop her, and she soon found herself working with artisans from all over India. Her passion gave rise to simple solutions where she brings these weaves and art forms to everyday clothing to suit the sensibilities of the modern woman. Her creations have reached people from all over the globe and she has managed to create a connect between art and the modern day consumer, successfully. What does designer mean to her? To be able to delve deeper into where you garment has come from and how it was pieced together – and to be able to answer those questions with your ensemble. That’s what! She can be seen here in an intricate Ayiram butta saree from Tamil Nadu, where 1000 buttas have been woven all over, painstakingly over a period of 3 to 4 days!

Medha Nevrekar

Mrunalini Makhale, Crazy Petals

Mrunalini is a designer who’s faith system hinges on the unique! She has a penchant for coming up with garments that have been pieced together for a fun and creative look. For her, taking a Bengal Handloom saree and adding a Kalamkari border with a Banarasi pallu is an everyday thing. Also, she loves all things handloom which shows in most of her base fabrics. Her next true love is tribal arts and hand painted goodness. So one can expect a profusion of hand painted art worked into the basic weave of her clothing. Apart from standing out, her basic mantra as a designer is to encourage handlooms and arts from the various parts of India. A truly designer approach, indeed!

Slaying with her Rich Ethnic Designer Vision

Mrunalini Makhale

Dolly Mahapatra, Fuchsiaa

From being a successful interior designer for 25 years to now owning a line of hand crafted jewellery, bags and scarves – there is very little that designer Dolly has not be able to do! Creatively inclined from a very young age, she used to drape her dolls in her own hand made creations. Little did she know that she would end up founding and running an hugely successful interior design practice with a line of patchwork linen? Her business in India saw a great deal of success before she decided to move abroad to “retire”. Yet, that never happened. Dolly now keeps herself busy in her studio where she hand crafts polymer clay jewellery and hand paints trendy clutches, bags, and much more for her brand – Fuchsiaa. Her penchant for textiles and art forms comes from a wide exposure to crafts in India, especially Sambalpuri weaves. This designer looks at a simple scarf and sees extra ordinary scope. Colors start swirling in her creative vision and her hand inches towards her tools and paintbrushes.

Painting the World in Distinct Designer Hues

Dolly Mahapatra




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