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What do you do when the Winter blues set in? You head to the coast! But now, you can easily imbibe a cool coastal decor quotient right where you are without having to travel south of the equator. The soothing and subtle coastal touches can act like a whiff of fresh air when you step indoors from the bitter and freezing temperatures. The above picture from Decor Snob has all the vital elements like a tiled backsplash, patterns borrowed from coastal influences, aqua hues and so much more! So add these coastal decor elements to your home and watch as the mood lifts and airiness comes to settle over your design scheme.

Plate it Up: Use a mosaic of plates from various coastal areas to bring in that seaside flavour. Exotic prints in a modern, muted palette with white patterns on a colored backdrop would look great on a white sand textured wall. Below, you can place a bench with cushions and some brass or distressed wooden artifacts nearby. Think exotic pieces from seaside towns around Morocco, Turkey, Greece or even Bali.

Plates for Coastal Decor
Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Drifting with Wood: Nothing gives a coastal vibe like driftwood. Use driftwood pieces to bring in a definite coastal decor statement. A bench, an end table or even a coffee table in all its unpolished splendour renders the quiet elegance of the underwater like nothing else. Layer with a cane mat and coasters.

Driftwood Furniture for Coastal Decor
Pic Courtesy:

Choose an Aqua Palette: Sand blasted shades of teal, lavender, turquoise and other sea glass hues would render a delicate yet fun statement for your coastal decor. Do not forget to add a painting of palm leaves and throw in some mason jars with ferns for that coastal effect. The best way to bring in an aqua palette is by adding small touches to bigger pieces in neutrals and whites. Layer white on white and pair a burlap mat with a teal cushion for the perfect costal look.

Aqua Colors for Coastal Decor
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Coloured Shells: If you thought pristine white shells are the only way to add to your coastal decor theme, then you need to put on those rainbow hued glasses. Dip shells in hot pink, bright teal, sapphire blue and other shades to place on a tray with some sea glass pebbles. The effect will be a fun and exotic one! You can even place these shells in a large fish bowl and string some fairy lights inside for a quick centerpiece and lamp!

Colored Shells for Coastal Decor
Pic Courtesy: Favim

Maps: Don’t lose your way while you are bringing home your coastal decor scheme. Say it with maps! Take some vintage maps and use them as the backdrop within white frames to show off your black and white photos. You can stick to the aqua color scheme by choosing vintage maps in blue and green.

Vintage Maps for Coastal Decor
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Woven Wonders: Cane and jute are some of the hallmarks of coastal decor. So bring rugs, mats and even cushions home for that truly rustic seaside vibe. Remember to combine with bright hues in terms of artifacts and accessories. Keep these surroundings simple with stripes and neat patterns.

Woven Wonders for Coastal Decor
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Monochrome It: Do not be afraid to break the aqua theme with some majestic monochrome statements. Use patterned cushions and billowy drapes with monochrome panels. A rug with geometrical waves in black and white would be great addition in a room filled with burlap, jute and woven pieces. Remember to add ferns and palm leaf paintings so that green comes together with monochrome for a classy yet boho effect!

Boho Monochrome for Coastal Decor
Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

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