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Courage – The Word is Courage
Monday, February 27, 2017 @ 11:54 AM

The furore over Gurmehar Kaur, Kargil martyr’s daughter, has reached a crescendo with Virender Shewag jumping into the scheme of things with a scathing and sarcastic reply. For all those who have joined a little late, here is the story. This martyr’s daughter recently published a post that quickly went viral. This post showed her holding up a placard that said, “Pakistan did not kill my Dad; War did.” To which, Sehwag replied with a placard and a tweet saying, “I did not score two triple centuries, my bat did.” Ouch.

Well, here is the deal. For all those opposing what this young lady has said, remember that there is something far greater than taking our trolling beyond borders and customising it to fit the rage we feel towards those living in Pakistan – that word is called courage. And a higher perspective. Before going into that, let us first look at a small story that I have often heard.

A lady was about to let herself into a building, when an officer held open the door for her. She smiled and said, “you did not need to do that just because I am a lady.” To which, he instantly replied, “I did not do it because you are a lady, Ma’am – I did it because I am a gentleman.” Got it?

To believe that the problem is with Pakistan is like inviting Islamaphobia for tea and asking it to stay for dinner. There is a cost of war that no one talks about – it cannot be counted with the shells that have spilled and the bodies that have been recovered, or the lines drawn to demarcate nations. This cost pertains to the families left behind.

In holding up this placard, this young lady has shown great courage in first of all, relinquishing any need to blame the people on the other side of the border. She has shown conviction in what the armed forces are all about – a special set of men and women committed towards guaranteeing that you sleep peacefully and log on to social media even more peacefully the next morning – only to bicker like barbarians at colleges and on Twitter. Finally, she has shown great wisdom. She has held war accountable – the actions of individuals which (not who) have set the tone for conflict, not the people. Who are we to say that every Pakistani is a blood thirsty individual who only wants to see India burning? And what if we find out that they think of Indians the very same way? Sounds unreasonable, right?

So, before you condemn her, remember – she has borne the ultimate cost of war. And in that, she has seen the real culprit.



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