A Letter to Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi’s Father

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A Letter to Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi’s Father
Thursday, February 23, 2017 @ 02:59 PM

Dear Saif Ali Khan,

We have read report after report of the trolling you faced when you named your beautiful boy a rather spunky name. We ached for you and we wished the whole wide world would simply shut up and let you enjoy the glorious moment when parenthood began to steal upon you – a love affair that is bound to be a life long one, filled with passion, beauty, the sedate charm of the everyday, and boundless turbulence that will only make you smile later. We really, truly believe that it is your moment, and how you choose to celebrate it with a name for your blessing of a child, is your decision alone.

But, we have decided to step in after a recent spate of reports carried your admission that you have, in fact, decided to give this child’s name a rethink so that he does not get unpopular. Our humble submission to you, is this: please, don’t. Your child’s name is one that has come from the heart. Like you have helpfully pointed out in the interview, the origin of the name predates the actual conqueror who people think you have chosen to name him after. But all that history aside, the name of your child is something that holds a promise of purity. Purity of the bond between a father and son – a bond that will transcend time, chaotic episodes as he grows up, many a lesson learnt for both parties, and plenty of strength as you build this child’s character and future. Do not rubbish the call of your heart, do not ignore the tug which would have made your eyes well up as you named him what you did.

Call him by that name and teach him to smile at those who will dare to troll him. Teach him to walk his own path, just the way you did by continuing to call him by that name. And popularity – that pretty much begins where the heart decides it is without fear. So choose to be his guiding light and show him how to navigate those choppy waves that will only get more rough as he grows older. Today, it is his name – tomorrow it may be his lineage as a star son while he jostles for space on celluloid.

Stay blessed.

Regards, Always

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