Strokes of Life is not a love story, but a lifelong story – a story about holding on when the whole world is talking about letting go. Raj and Vira are different like salt and sugar; like chalk and cheese; like moonlight and sunshine. From the chrome encased office to the snowy peaks of Switzerland, their story is one that brings much meaning and fulfillment. Yet, reality comes to burst their bubble and distance takes the place of togetherness in no time. The final blow to their relationship comes when they realise that they can never have a child. Heartbroken Vira decides to let Raj go so he may follow his dreams. With a promise to come back, Raj leaves. Twenty years later, a reputed writer – Viraj – rewrites the story in bold strokes with a young girl at the heart of it all. Nandini. Find out how the connections are made, and how adversity brings them together in a single stroke rendered by the paintbrush called fate.

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