What goes into starting and building a business? While the answer may be a straightforward one for some, it turns out to be a pretty complicated one for many women who want to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Devangini Mahapatra has put her 20 years of experience to work to create a guilt free guide that will help you navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with various tools for work life balance.

The cloak is actually a uniform for the superwoman lurking within you, and a metaphor for everything that we as women are capable of. It reminds you to hold your head high and walk confidently. It is for the doctor running her own practice; the lawyer with a partnership in a law firm; the boutique owner who stays up nights to complete orders; the soccer mom who is also a freelance writer.

So, if you are either looking to making it big in your corporate career, or to make it big as an entrepreneur, Devangini hopes her book can help you achieve both – and more! What is to follow is an entertaining yet informative account of how she went from being a freelancer to an entrepreneur with all the challenges and expectations that came with each role. She will touch upon each challenge and each scenario that every business person must confront. And in doing so, she hopes her lessons will become your stepping stones for success.

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