And All is a Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing Platform. We create and curate stories that celebrate brands. So, if you are looking to turn the world wide web into your ideal customer, then look no further. We promote brands by matching your brand ideals and solutions with customer intent. How do we do this? With content. And with content marketing. Read on to know more.

And All is an outfit that brings media, publishing and content strategy, together. We start by asking simple questions: “what does an astronaut do all day? Does she craft with her kids for fun?” Or, “what does a fisherman do after that early morning catch – does he turn on the TV?” Then, we begin a process of research to find and answer questions on various social media platforms. We engage, experience and record. The answers to such questions are turned into unique stories and marketing templates that help us reach out effectively – whether it is through our books, through our blog posts, through our keyword centric content and E commerce descriptions, through social media campaigns, or through our customised academic content. Get featured to get promoted – simple.

This Think Tank run E Paper, as well as the Publishing House and Brand Sculpting Outfit that have sprung from it, are answers to those simple questions. And All is an effort to understand and conclude, to open new chapters and create new worlds where your brand can reach its new potential with our content. In this world, we are busy playing with books, fashion, décor, luxuries, food, travel, philosophy, current affairs—just about anything to tickle those questions in your mind.

And All is the brain child of Devangini Mahapatra, Author, Content Writer and Infopreneur. As a writer, Devangini have been stringing words into articles, stories and poems ever since she was seven. Her experience as an MBA graduate, editor, academic writer, copywriter, content strategist and brand expert, has helped her garner meaningful insight for effective content solutions.

Feel free to leave us your feedback and comments, so that we can have a dialogue and all!