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Because I love to. Also nobody’s willing to hear me out so much; so the words mostly tumble out on paper. But there’s more…. I write because truly I know no other way of expressing what I truly believe in. And in what I truly believe, also I believe is the truth for us all. Presumptuous you say, maybe. But I have no other reason. The only reason I write is because I want to tell you something and those something’s may well be what you must know, need to know, don’t know or don’t dare know. But know you must. So at the risk of being labeled audaciously arrogant and she-thinks-she-knows-it-all, here it is:

Love: Never happens just once or with one. We humans have this immense capability to love and also live by it. But the reason we fail is, we fail to live by it. We have various pursuits with love but one that we must, we dont. We don’t simply love. We label it, we put it in a box, we want do’s and don’t’s, we apply rules, we plan for Love and we plan for it to die too. The one magical thing that happens in our life for no reason or logic, dies at the hands of every reason and logic that this world believes in.

Woman: Try never to understand her – none has, none ever will. Even she does not understand her true potential. Even I don’t as I set out to write about it! Know that she can be the creator as well as the destroyer and the same reasons can drive her to be both. She may live by your rules but she always knows the truth. In her weakness lies your strength. In her strength lies your life, but the pursuit of success that you follow, only knows to consume and not let her blossom. She personifies beauty as God’s own world and therefore a misfit she is in yours. She is as lost as you are and yet she will always find herself, if not in this life but in the next – always by herself. You Sir will always need her to find yourself. 

Men: They are to be loved dearly. They give us what none can. Joy, Ecstasy, Sorrow, Pain and Exhilaration too. I don’t know much of what they are made up of, but I do know, we need them. Not nearly how much they need us, I also know, they will not know this need for most of their life, but when they do, I know we will be there for them. The myth that they make us complete is utter rubbish, but they do fulfill a part of us. A man is to a woman what a woman will never be to a woman. But a woman is to a man what a man can never have otherwise. 

Children: They grow up – eventually they do. But never do they grow over you. Never. Life takes them away and puts them through hell too. Whatever you do for them, you cannot change that. So what can you do for them? Tell them they must survive, tell them they will survive; do not give them a legacy to live by, tell them to create one. Tell them they are special and tell them to tell that to the world. Tell them there is no shame in being yourself, and also tell them to take their time growing up, in so many ways there is simply no going back on that. Tell them the only thing they must hold onto even when the grow up, is to believe that its always going to be fun and that they will always be taken care of. Not by you, but by someone who’s taking care of you too.

Faith: Have Faith, in yourself and in your God. Someday you may realize both are one and someday you would feel a distance. But till such time that you have both you will never need another. Your faith goes a long long way in defining you, for it manifests itself to make you what you are. Your faith will always be the foundation of your actions as well as inactions, thought you may not know this always. Your faith gives you courage and courage gives you strength. Never lose faith, hold onto it like that last straw your life hangs by and you will always live a life that would be talked about, for generations. 

Hope: Never give up on Hope. It’s the ship that carries you across mountains and valleys and through hell too. In Hope truly lies the meaning of life. In the moments of despair when you do not give up and hope for the next moments to be better, that’s when you truly know life. 

Life: Never try to understand it, there’s a lot to read and a lot to debate and we must do it all. And yet know, it’s to be defined only by us. It has no form, no beginning, no end, we build it, we destroy it, we re-build it. If you can merely understand only yourself, know that life flows from you. You have to create it and yet it’s all around you. It has a purpose, you will have to search it and live by it. How will you know of it’s the Purpose? You will always know, in fact only you will know. Know you are here for a reason and the reason is yours to know and live by.

God: You. Only You. No one else, nowhere else, Sometimes a part of you, sometimes the whole of you. But within You and for You. 

You: The only one that matters. The only one that should matter, not for now, not momentarily, but always. In all your consciousness. Joy, happiness and love all will flow from you to the world around you. Take care of the I and I will take care of all. 

Me: Do I know it all? No. What do I know? What’s here and some more. Someday when I shall dare to write again, I shall pass it on too. Why do I Write? For no other reason but because I must. 

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Radhika Bali

Radhika Bali

Radhika Bali is our Monday Method to Madness Blogger. She is a lawyer who has worked for many years in Pune and Mumbai before starting her own law firm. A hyper achiever who likes to tell it like it is, Radhika is known for her love of books as well. You will never find her without one – and she has even participated in various lit fests! Her life revolves around her family, her practice and her love for the written word. Give her some love, would you?

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