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Yes, it is. At least in the country that I come from, it is highly overrated. I mean, yes – it’s natural to be a virgin, and someday it’s undone. But what’s more to it than that really? Have you asked a woman if she enjoys virginity? I don’t think so – it’s nothing to be enjoyed, it’s like something you are born with and unnatural for you to die with. There is no feeling attached to being a virgin really, other than the excitement of losing it. And most women will tell you, losing one’s virginity is not really such a great thing. Fact is: sex is never awesome the first time around. It starts getting better with practice, that too if you are lucky and have the balls to experiment.  So am I saying that women who do not experiment do not enjoy sex? Hell they don’t know a thing about it! There is no fixed position, rules or dos and don’ts about sex. So if you don’t experiment how do you figure out what you would really like? Well one cannot truly taste all kinds of jams to like one, but one surely needs to taste more than one to know the difference, wouldn’t you say?

Now that it’s ascertained that woman particularly don’t enjoy being a virgin – hell, we don’t even know why we are born that way and if re-births were in some sense to be continuation of some things from your previous life – there would be no virgins. Life would be simple, isn’t it. There would only be counts then! Wow you had like a few hundred men already? Is it getting better or worse?? 

So who needs a women to be virgin really? Men? When did we start taking that species seriously? I mean they want fancy bikes, sexy women, loads of money all while sitting on the couch watching TV. Similar fantasy – virgin women. Who even told them virgins were better really? Half the time they don’t even know if a woman has come or not with all the panting and banging they do and they want virgin woman – kiss my heels, says me. If you ask me, a man wouldn’t care if a woman was a virgin or not provided she was good in bed and dumb out of it. And one cannot be good in bed without practice, and dumb without either experience or blonde hair!

So then why this whole hu ha about being a virgin? If not the woman herself, if not the men who desire her, who needs virgins – wait, I think it’s the other old senile mad women who live a lie all their life and would similarly want to see other woman have a cursed life. I think this category of woman have conspired over the ages and made this a big virtue in a woman’s life. Be a Virgin. Love one man. Sex? Only with your Husband – your God, even if you don’t even feel him come inside you!! Think not of pleasure but do your duty. Live your life as a sacrifice for all others. You are enjoying sex!!!!! Take her to a guru to be purified. You want more? She is on the wrong path and will burn in hell!!!

So we fall prey to the conspiracy hatched by these women, fraud gurus and their hypocrite attitudes? We bear it all for the fear of being isolated, laughed at, sneered at. Experience blissful sexual pleasure just once and all your fears will go away. Even if you don’t want to – to live by rules made as a conspiracy, with no ethics or morality supporting it is itself a crime. 

Virginity is not a crime, but it’s not a virtue either. It’s just the way you are born and the most natural thing to undo. Sex or making love as they call it, is another spiritual way of attaining that which is yours by right – abundant pleasure. The only expected morality is don’t hurt anyone while experiencing it and learn to give much much more pleasure than you are getting for then – every time it will be different and new for you. 

Hope you have an awesomely experimentative and richly satisfying sex life, in this life and the next.

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Radhika Bali

Radhika Bali

Radhika Bali is our Monday Method to Madness Blogger. She is a lawyer who has worked for many years in Pune and Mumbai before starting her own law firm. A hyper achiever who likes to tell it like it is, Radhika is known for her love of books as well. You will never find her without one – and she has even participated in various lit fests! Her life revolves around her family, her practice and her love for the written word. Give her some love, would you?

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