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A Letter to Authors

Dear Author,

You must have typed the words – how to get published – several times in your chosen search engine. You may have held the device close to your heart and nursed dreams of becoming a published author, the subject of much adulation, the name captured in a book lovingly placed by many people on their bookshelves at home.

Or you may have typed the words – how to sell your book, or how to make money as an author – multiple times. You may have read stories of how selling books after getting published is an uphill task. You may have dreamt of becoming a best selling author; of becoming a loved literary name with the perfect combination of digital marketing and appearances behind you.

We harbour the same dreams.

At And All Publishing, you do not merely submit your manuscript – you hand us your dreams and aspirations as an author. We read each submission and put it through a green lighting committee of expert book reviewers who have seen it all, and other experts in your niche, hand picked specifically to go through the sample chapters sent by you.

And then, we turn your book into a series of blog posts and a docuseries as well. How does this help? Well, this helps your book rise above all the other books vying for your ideal reader’s attention. And it brings you straight into our campaigns carefully created with a network of bloggers and videographers. Events and appearances follow, as do your readers!

So, bring us your synopsis with a few sample chapters (preferably the first three) at (Click Here). We typically get back to authors in 2 to 3 weeks.

Let’s bring books back into fashion!