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And how you can be one too!

Possibilitarian- me? Heck no! How can I be? My life is pretty structured and there are so many responsibilities and limitations. Possibilities are for the carefree, fancy-free variety – not for ‘real’ people like me!


Possibilitarian? Hell, yes! That’s me! Give me 10 seconds and I’ll come up with ten options for anything – some may not be very practical – but wait on! If I think about them long enough, I’ll come up with possibilities there too! Limitations are just boundaries to be stretched – and my mind can do that!

Which one is you? Or rather – which one would you LIKE to be? What if, possibilitarian just implied someone who did yoga with her mind? Just was flexible enough in the mind to bend into all seemingly difficult positions and view the situation from that angle? And like yoga of the body, to gain enough flexibility, yoga of the mind has to be practiced regularly too. And similarly, the benefits are immense.

Let’s think this through – let’s make being possibilitarian an identity; just the way you say I’m a blogger or a singer or a mom or a working woman. Just by giving yourself an identity, you will notice you start working towards it. If you identify with being an achiever, then you will constantly work towards it. If being a mom is your identity, then you’ll be thinking of nurturing your offsprings most of the time. And if being a possibilitarian is your identity, then you’ll be thinking of possibilities!

Not a bad identity to have, right? There will never be a time when you feel stuck – your mind will always look for options. Given any situation, as a possibilitarian, you would’ve trained your mind enough to show flexibility. This is because the mind has precious muscle memory too – so before it shuts off any case, it’ll be trained to look for options and solutions. And the more we train it, the more un-stuck we get.

You may ask – why do we need options? Wouldn’t that just confuse us? Maybe – but it’ll also give you those many possible solutions. Before you give up, your mind will throw a lot of choices – and then you can just go about choosing the most useful one for yourself.

Not clear yet? Okay – think of any activity you like – let’s just take exercise. If there’s one particular way you exercise daily – you are comfortable with it and doing that gives you satisfaction. What if, due to some circumstance, you can’t do that particular routine one day? What will you do? Not exercise and feel guilty about it? Wouldn’t being a possibilitarian be a handy thing now? What if your mind could throw up a lot of other options for you to choose your exercise from?

It’s all a matter of training the mind and building up the elasticity to stretch your imagination. A whole new world of possibilities and promises opens up. Try it out for yourself! Why not call yourself a possibilitarian from now on and see how your mind responds? And if that thought excites you, believe you me – you’re already in the realm of new openings 😊

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Payal & Priyanka

Payal & Priyanka

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