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Bikini Body
Pic Courtesy: Bikini Body Guide

Being god fearing inspires you to be honest and truthful. We all have our favourites when it comes to worshipping our Gods. I know two of my friends scared of the consequences of not following their regime of exercise and diet Nivi and Puni. I proudly call them THE BIKINI WORSHIPPERS. And yes, waking up at the break of the dawn and spreading out the yoga mat bending and bowing to your own feet to touch them is like worshipping your own self for having such a relentless routine to maintain it. Thumbs up to Nivi and Puni!

Being slim and sleek defines how smart you are – if Instagram is to be believed. At the same time, carrying a fat wallet in your pocket, swiping plastic money, and other such cool looking things – that’s smart and refers to the size zero with a lot of zeroes in your bank account. Lesson learnt: the prefix or suffix is all that matters. The sleek smart phone is another example of smart benefits.

So, back to the cause of the bikini and the bikini body. Hot and sweltering forms of exercise meet the intention of looking hot in even a bikini once the Sun God begins to shine down in what we call the summer season! So what is one to do? Yoga, Gymming, kick boxing, functional training and lots more as per Google is apparently the way to go. Yogic postures push you to evolve in a series of stretches and stages. The rickety stands of one foot in the air, stretching your arm to nowhere and looking around to look at your back like an all knowing sage is a hard job to take on. Inhaling the air around you and exhaling the storm out again and again is what you need to master for peace and tranquility. Talking about gyms, I am not a sports person so procuring and wearing gym gear was a pleasant things for me to do. The branded wear just added another pile of things to my closet – things that I will barely use. Yet it is the ambience that seems to distract me more than anything .. Mirrors, weights, treadmills, speed, sweat, and of course music. I could see people cross training, running on the tread mill, carrying weights with a ranting voice. I could only imagine the plight of all the others around me. Watching them using their potential to a colossal amount and still not heading anywhere with an inch of movement or shrink an inch of body measurement got me thinking. This is something way beyond my wisdom – all this pedalling to nowhere. Gymming is just not just for health – it is to be here forever in the present; for being IMMORTAL. That’s the divine aspect of human behaviour to me.

A friend of mine was keen on buying me lunch for having lost 570 grams of weight in a week’s time. So we caught up at an upscale eatery. She was apprehensive when she opened the menu card and she took longer than usual to order. She was counting all the calories that were about to be consumed, she was making sure not to gulp to add kilos – she already knew the entire table of how many calories for each ingredient, by heart. That’s what I call being religiously rigid. My advice to urbanites is to associate what you love to eat by changing their names to your dislike that results to savour it in moderation. My understanding :

Fast food = faster gain of fats

Junk food = filling junk in your body

Desserts = leaves you deserted.

A lot of myths abound in following and maintaining your healthy body weight. Before you see a dietician, your body type is classified for being an apple or a pear shaped one, then the fruit bowl follows. Yet another act is to climb the weighing scale – an act that gives you goosebumps with butterflies in your tummy and you wish to cross your fingers. Then there is another famous dietician who gives me enough reason to chew carrots and potatoes. The popular reigning diets are the keto, low carb, high protein, the Gm Diet, only fruit diet…. it is an endless list to banish your forever fats. The actual reward of each diet is another story for another day. They are followed with ridiculous restrictions of sipping and swallowing.

Come on! Urbanites give an arm and a leg to health and fitness.

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Akshata Patne

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